Conflict Period:
World War II 1
08 Sep 1898 1

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Morris Williams Gilland 1
08 Sep 1898 1

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GILLAND, Brig. Gen. Morris W.--Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1898. Son of Reverend James Wesley Gilland and Mary Anne Clark Gilland. Graduated from U.S. Military Academy and appointed 2d lieutenant in Corps of Engineers in 1918. Early assignments included duty at Engineer School at Camp Humphreys, and service as PMS&T at the Virginia Military Institute. Almost all later assignments in field of engineering, including duty in Panama Canal Zone and in various engineer districts in United States. In 1942, after serving briefly as engineer of Southern Base Section in England, went to North Africa and there became engineer of Mediterranean Base Section, then Chief of Staff, Headquarters, SOS. After the southern France invasion, became Chief of Staff, Southern Line of Communications, and, upon that command's dissolution --2-- in February 1945, G-4 of Headquarters, Communications Zone, ETO. In November 1945 became Chief of Staff of Second Service Command at Governor's Island, N. Y., and in 1946 was assigned to duty at Fort Belvoir. Retired in September 1948.

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