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Charlotte Stryker 1
Age in 1910: 1 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1909 1
Place: MONTGOMERY County, Pennsylvania 1
From: 1910 1
Enumeration District: Lansdale Borough 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1910 [See image]


Charolette B Stryker (Pervy)

Lansdale, PA

Charolette B Stryker was the 1st child, daughter, born in 1909 in Landsdale, PA.

(Between 1910 and 1920, they moved to their "family home" on Court Street, Doylestown, PA)

In 1920, Julius B B Stryker, SR. was 40 years old, his wife Mary Higgins Stryker , 33, were living in Montgomery County, And he was the President of a Glue Company.

  Julius and Mary's children in 1920 were;

  Daughter, Charlotte B Stryker, 11

  Son, James H Stryker, 10. (WW II Enlisterd11 Feb. 1942)

  Son, Julius B B Stryker, Jr. age 6   (Would become Julius BB Stryker II)

  Son, Frank P Stryker, 4 1/2   (later, Capt USMC, KIA /WW II)

  Son, Henry T Stryker, 3 1/2


1910 Census for Lansdale (Father- Julius B B Stryker, SR. and Mary (Higgins) Stryker live on Walnut Street, Lansdale, PA)  - Patent on Perkins Glue and factory there)  Charlotte is 1 1/2 and the grandmother Charlotte is 74. (living with them)  In the 1910 Census,
OK, in 1920 Charlotte B Stryker was 11.  [1909-___ ] and living in the Family home on Court Street, Doylestown.

    In the 1930 Census, she was no longer at the Court Street Residence.        In 1930 Julius B B Stryker, Sr.  [1879-1957]  (and Mary Higgins Stryker) had at home; (On COURT Street, Doylestown, Pa.)  James H -19   [1912-1981] Julius B B (Judy) is 16 - Julius B B Stryker, Jr. "Judy" [1913-1985] would eventually assume leadership In the Perkins Glue Factory       (still in Lansdale, Pa) Frank P is 14 -  [1915-1945]   Capt. Army-KIA-Germany Henry  - 13 and two Aunts.

Charolette Stryker Pervy

Bucks County, PA

Charlotte was an Author;  The Bucks County scrapbook of old roads and towns (Her Bucks County scrapbooks) Unknown Binding – January 1, 1948

by Charlotte Stryker Pervy (Author)

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