Enlisted as a Captain in the 5th Virginia, he rose to the rank of full Colonel in the 11th Virginia Calvary. Daring cavalier in the famous Laurel Brigade.

Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
23 Jun 1835 1

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Full Name:
Mottrom Dulany Ball 1
23 Jun 1835 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

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Civil War Service

Tom's Brook, Virginia

Mott enlisted in the 11th Virginia on April 25, 1861 and was elected Captain.  During the war he suffered two wounds and was hospitalized.  The most serious was a gunshot wound to his foot in October of 1864 at Tom's Brook.  He was in the hospital from October 1864 to February of 1865.

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Nursed after one wound during the Valley Campaign by his sister Rebecca French Ball

Staunton, Virginia

Mott was wounded during the Valley Campaign.  One woman recorded in her diary that while traveling she met Rebecca French Ball, the sister of Mott Ball, who was traveling three days by open wagon to find her brother and nurse him back to health.  She had nothing on but very thin clothing and had a bad cough.  Prior to this journey, she had been working in a Richmond Hospital.  The family was obviously very close.  Cornelia Peake McDonald spent the night in Staunton, Virginia when she met the young Ms. Ball from a good family.

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