Staff Sergeant Marble of Desert Shield/Storm, member of Florida Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Panama City Chapter

Conflict Period:
Persian Gulf War 1
Air Force 2
Army 1
Staff Sergeant 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
DeCody Brad Marble 1

Persian Gulf War 1

Air Force 2
Army 1
Staff Sergeant 1
Service Start Date:
18 Oct 1973 2
Service Start Date:
07 Oct 1986 1
Service End Date:
31 Dec 1994 1
Enlistment Location:
Columbus, Franklin, Ohio 2
Service End Date:
24 Dec 1983 2
Institution: Gulf Coast Community College 1
Place: Panama City, Bay County, Florida 1
From: 1996 1
To: 1998 1
Institution: Troy State University in Florida Region 1
Place: Hurlburt Field AFB, Florida 1
From: 1984 1
To: 1985 1

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Staff Sergeant DeCody Brad Marble; Air Force & Army

Panama City, Bay, Florida

SSGT DeCody Brad Marble's Military Record

MILITARY SERVICE:  Staff Sergeant {U.S.A.F. and U.S.A.)

1973, October 18 - 1983, December 24; Served in U.S. Air Force, (Supply), 10 yrs. {Staff Sergeant}
1986, October 07 - 1994, December 31; Served in U.S. Army, Supply Logistics Technician, 8 1/2 yrs.


Over 18 years military supply field experience in shipping, storage, issuing, and receiving with 12 years in supervisory/managerial positions.  Expertise in repairable redistributable assets management with strong skills in inventory control and  reduction of stock overage (excess). Operated and/or trained others in the proper operation of, light to medium cargo vehicles, forklifts and tractors with trailers.  Also performed preventive maintenance. 


Supervised, managed, performed work under stressful conditions during the following events: 

Hurricane Hugo Relief Effort (1990), Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1991), downsizing and deactivating of U.S. European Forces while on USAREUR Excess Control Team (1992) and National Training Center rotations (1994).


1990, October 15 - 1991, April 15; Desert Shield\Desert Storm, Gulf War, (six month duty)
24th Infantry Division (Mech), 632 CS Co Maint NonDiv DS, Fort Stewart, Georgia.
Staff Sergeant, (Ssgt.) DeCody Brad Marble, NCOIC of 50 Caliber Machine Gun for Supply Platoon.

* Trained/Supervised Supply Platoon 50 Caliber Team of 6 individuals, at Camp MacArthur, Saudi Arabia.
*Pulled guard duty at 50 Caliber bunker, at front gate of Camp (Fort) MacArthur, Saudi Arabia.
* Manned 50 Caliber Machine Gun atop deuce and half truck in front of the 541st Maintenance Battalion Convoy for 15 consecutive hours while crossing rough terrain through hostile Iraq on Feb. 26, 1991.
* Controlled surrendering of 11 Iraq soldiers, about 100 yards from 50 Caliber position, at perimeter front gate; until Military Police interceded on 02/28/91.
* Schedule/Supervised 50 Caliber Guard 24 hour shifts at 632 Maintenance Company perimeter front gate for 9 days; 02/28/91 - 03/08/91, 30 miles from Basra, Iraq.


Highest Service Medal awarded, (twice); Army Commendation Medal, 1st OLC (oak leaf cluster):

1992, April 20; As Inspector, (R)edistribute (A)ssets (T)eam, Logistic(s), HQ, U.S. Army, Europe reported to
HQ, USAREUR & 7 Army Office of Deputy Chief of Staff (ODCSLOG), Logistics APO 09014.
Headquartered in Bamberg, Germany. (USAREUR RATS)


* Provided experience to 22 supply support activities during 40 command inspection and training visits.
* Saved U. S. Army Europe $35 million dollars through consistent efforts of reducing excess stock.
2nd awarded Army Commendation Medal, (add 1 Oak leaf cluster on ribbon):
1994, June 3; As Reparable Exchange Supervisor/Manager or Major Assemblies Manager
B Company, 201st Forward Support Battalion, Fort Riley, Kansas, 66442


* Maintained 129 lines of RX assets valued at $2.5 million to ensure support of 33 military units at Fort Irwin National Training Center, (NTC), California.

* Ensured major assembly parts were loaded, issued, and turned in on very short notice.

*Turned in and/or exchanged 80 major assemblies without error during NTC rotation.

* Revised and restructured the NTC Rotation Bulk Yard, thus improving efficiency of operations, thereby improving customer satisfaction and support. Thus recognized by DynCorp, Ft. Irwin Division management officials for bulk yard improvements.

Army Achievement Metal: {for meritorious achievement}

1993, March 3; As Squad Leader and NCOIC of Repairable Exchange and Major Assemblies for 317th Maintenance Company, 71st Corps Support Battalion during Army Training and Evaluation Program (ARTEP) in Grafenwoehr Germany from 21 February to  26 February 1993.

* Trained and supervised 27 soldiers on correct procedures for field site operations and material handling equipment, (MHE) operations during the 317th company ARTEP.

* Dedication to mission accomplishment resulted in 100% accountability of all SSA equipment upon arrival to the ARTEP site. {ice and snow of Grafenwoehr hills}

Other Medals or Ribbons;

NCO Professional Development "2", Southwest Asia Service w/3 Bze stars, Kuwait Liberation, National Defense Service w/bronze star, Army Good Conduct "2", Air Force Good Conduct "2", Army Service, Overseas Service, Small Arms Expert Marksmenship, Air Force Longevity Service (1st OLC), AF Outstanding Unit, and Army Outstanding Driver-W Award and Rifle.
(Wore 11 ribbons and two medals on Army Class A uniform).

DeCody Brad Marble is a descendant of 23 American Revolutionary Patriots!

Panama City, Bay County, Florida


Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant DeCody Brad Marble is the 2015 - 2016 Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution Northwest Region Vice President and the 2016 - 2017 President of the Panama City Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Brad is a descendant of 23 American Revolutionary Patriots, of which 18 are presently recognized by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Florida Veterans "Walk of Honor" Tribute: DeCody Brad Marble

Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida

3 images

Florida Veterans Walk of Honor A Tribute to our Brave Servicemen and Women

This Document Certifies That:  DeCody Brad Marble SSGT USAF & USA Desert Storm

Will be Forever Honored and Remembered in the Florida Veterans Walk of Honor

Florida State Capitol 400 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, Florida

Major John L. Haynes, USMC (Ret) Chairman Emeritus Florida Veterans Foundation, Inc.


Sons of the American Revolution Meet

Panama City, Bay County, Florida


Source: “The News Herald”. Sunday, October 2, 2016, Page E$, Celebrate Community, Sons of the American Revolution Meet

At LEFT: The Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution Panama City Chapter met Sept 19, 2016 at PoFolks Restaurant on 15th Street. Pictured from left are Treasurer Victor Johnson; Secretary Walter Sherman; WW II Veteran Ed Doyle, 94; President DeCody Brad Marble, Desert Storm, WW II Veteran Charles Humphries, 92.

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