The Honorable William Massey served as member of the Second Continental Congress. -- S.C. Gazette (No. 2041), Sept. 7, 1775. Deputy Muster Master General in the Revolutionary War and Lt. Colonel in the Continental Establishment. -- S.C. Historical Magazine Vol. VIII, p.789; Virginia Magazine of History Vol. 261, p.163. His sons served in the Revolutionary War in Colonel Kershaw Sumter's Brigade. A Government Marker has been placed at his grave in theold cemetery at The Waxhams in the present County of Lancaster, SC. William massey came to The Waxhaws from Brunswick Co. with an original land grant from King George of England. Other references can be found in Ramsey's "History of South Carolina."

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
1743 1
Brunswick, Va. 1
1841 1
Waxhaws, SC 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Lt. Col. William Massey 1
1743 1
Brunswick, Va. 1
1841 1
Waxhaws, SC 1

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Prisoner of War British Prison Ship Sanwich

Short Note - interesting fact about the Prison Ship "LORD SANWICH"

6-4-13 I added a photo (drawing) in my profile for Lt. Col William Massey, 1743-1841, SAR #90883. Col Massey was taken prisoner with a few other patriots in 1780, (near the end of the war) in Charleston, SC. The prison ship sailed to ST. Augustine , Fl.

The HMS Lord Sandwich was previously the "Endeavour". The ship commanded by the famous Capt. Cook around 1768-1771 in the South Pacific.The ship was reportedly later scuttled by the British with 12 other ships to create a blockade reprtedly in Newport Road island according to Source:
This information conflicts with the actual year Lt. Col. Massey was taken prisoner and put on board the Sandwich per "Ramsey's Historical South Carolina".The basic facts appear well documented however not uncommon a conflict with  dates exists.

FYI for descendants like myself who slowly research attempting to build a learn about our ancestors and their experiences.

By Mike Massey

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