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Alexander McDonald 1

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Alexander McDonald

Georges Township, Fayette County, PA

. ALEXANDER9 MCDONALD (JOHN8 MCDANIEL, JOHN7 MACDONNELL, BRYAN6, ALEXANDER5, BRYAN MACCALVAGN4, HUGH BUIDHE3, CALLA CALVAHN2, CHIEF TRILOUGH CHARLES1 MACDONELL) was born Abt. 1740 in New Castle County, DE, and died Abt. 1803 in Georges Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He married SARAH ARCHER 1761 in Pennsylvania.


From Isaac MacDonald's Will 1797: My land warrant being laid on my brother Alexander M'donald. Will witnessed by Alesander.  His 1805 probate papers reveal he died intestate. Sarah had died by then.


He appears on the tax records for Bedford County in what was to become Georges Township as early as 1773.

On 1785, 86 state tax return he is listed in Georges Twp. as McDanold and McDonnald. In 1783 in Westmoreland as Alex'r McDonold he owned 30 acres, 7 cattle and 4 horses. In Georges Twp. for 1790 census he appears as Alex McDonnald.


He served in the Westmoreland County Rangers during the Revolutionary War. He was paid 5 pounds for participating in what was known as the Sandusky expedition.




October 15 Alexander McDaniel and Sarah Archer 1761

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Ancestors of Sarah McDonald

  1. BRYAN6 MACDONNELL (ALEXANDER5, BRYAN MACCALVAGN4, HUGH BUIDHE3, CALLA CALVAHN2, CHIEF TRILOUGH CHARLES1 MACDONELL) was born 1645 in Wicklow, Ireland or Glencoe, Scotland, and died 1707 in Mill Creek, New Castle, Delaware. He married MARYOR JANE DOYLE in Scotland, daughter of JOHN DOYLE. She was born Abt. 1647 in Wicklow, Ireland or Glencoe, Scotland, and died 1707 in Mill Creek, New Castle, Delaware.


The M(a)cDonald surname(s) of Clan Donald when Anglicized was MacDhomhnaill ­ "son of Donald". Common English variations of the name are Macdonald, MacDonald, Macdonnell, MacDonnell, and McDonald. One can also find, particularly in the United States, McDaniel, McDanel, McDonel, etc


Clan Donald is CELTIC, of the race of the Celts, of those who migrated across Europe, fought Caesar and the Romans, and eventually settled in Ireland, western Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Wales. The original Scots, the "Scoti", were Celts and Irish natives, who moved from Irish soil to the western islands and highlands of Scotland and settled there. At the height of its power, in the mid-1400s, Clan Donald controlled most of the western Islands, much of the western Highlands, and northeast areas of what is now Northern Ireland. To the Lords of the Isles, there was no distinction between Irish and Scottish - there was only Clan Donald


The land possessed by this family extended along the foot of the mountain range, upon the marshes of the Pale. This tract of land was "The Clandonnell's Countrie", up until 1641. Bryan McDonnell served as a Lieutenant in Colonel Francis Toole's regiment of foot, (an Irish Volunteer regiment) in the cause of King James II of England. He was the first to use MacDonald.

Bryan MacDonnell was born in 1645 in Wicklow county, Ireland. He was a lieutenant in Col. Francis Toole's regiment under King James II, who reigned from 1685 to 1688.   Bryan's father, Alexander, was a distinguished commander of Galloglasses, which were septs of Scottish clans that went to Ireland to serve as mercenary families. Bryan's mother was Helena Archbold, daughter of Thomas Archbold.


Brian left Scotland to go to Ireland because the rulers of Scotland had accepted the Roman Catholic Faith and was trying to enforce it upon the subjects of Scotland. Not long after this, the rulers of Ireland accepted Roman Catholicism. Bryan and his family went to America.


Bryan (or Brian) MacDonnell and his family settled in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware, after arriving in this country in 1685.   Coming with him was his wife Mary and 3 sons, John, William and James. He bought 693 acres of land from William Penn on November 18, 1689. There is some controversy over the identity of Bryan's wife. Jane Doyle, born about 1647 and died 1709, is usually listed as the mother of most of Bryan's children. They were married in Ireland in 1665. In 1678, Bryan married Mary Combs, presumably in Ireland. Aside from his career as a soldier, he was a tanner, and he had 9 children, 7 sons and 2 daughters. Bryan's descendants are very numerous and there have been many attempts to trace his genealogy. To list his descent back to about 500 AD is possible, since the MacDonnell/McDonald line, which Bryan belonged to, is a family that included great and famous people. The main area of interest for most Bryan MacDonnell researchers is trying to tie his parents up to his Great x4 or 5 grandparents to the McDonald clan. Others are adamant about his name being MacDonnell instead of McDonald, and they have proof: his will lists him as MacDonnell. However, the MacDonnell clan was simply a branch of the mighty McDonalds, descended from Somerled Macgillebride, king of Argyll.


The line of Bryan back to Somerled.

Bryan MacDonnell was the son of

Alexander MacDonnell (161301683) the son of

Bryan MacDonnell, born 1577 in Leinster, Ireland, the son of

Hugh Buy MacDonnell (1549-1619) of Leinster, the son of

Calvagn Mac Turlough MacDonnell, died 1570, the son of

Charles Turlough MacDonnell of Queens County, Ireland, the son of

John MacDonnell, died 1514 of Leinster, the son of

Charles Thurlough Og MacDonnell, died 1503 the son of

John Carrogh (Thirlough Oge) MacDonnell, died 1466, the son of

Charles Thurlough Mor MacDonnell of Antrim died 1435, the son of

Marcus MacDonnell, died 1397 the son of

Somerled MacDonnell, died 1367 the son of

Alexander Og MacDonnell (1270-1308), the son of

Angus Mor McDonald (1249-1301) the son of

Donald of the Isles,(1190-1269) the son of

Reginald of the Isles, died 1207 the son of

Somerled MacGillebride (1100-1164)

And the line goes on and on and on.


An article taken from page 89 of Dorothy Tuttle's book entitled "Smidt/smith/Smyth Family of New Castle County, Delaware & Washington County Virginia "About the year 1685, Wm. Guest obtained one grant for 50 A. on New Rent, in New Castle Co. near the Great Run which flows into Redclay Creek, and another grant for 200 acres, all which he sold to One Phileman Murfy, who sold 50 acres of it to Brian McDonald, and resigned the rest as 'tis said to one of Brian's children, but without making any improvements or paying rent he left the Country. John McDonald, Some time last year, viz.; 1707, Agreed with James Logan for all this land at 20 pounds p'r c't and 1st ster. Q't R't from that New Castle Co. and the land is described as being between lands now of George Read, James Robinson and Hugh Symonds. Included in the deed is a recitation which stated an agreement was made with John McDonald, eldest son of Bryan McDonald for 250 acres & dated 7th day 11th month, 1708. He appears as Bryan Mackdonnell on the New Castle, De. Assessment of 1693. The assessment was "by virtue of an act granting to King William & Queen Mary" The rate was 6 & 4 assessed (Tax Lists-Delaware1693-1696 in Hist. Soc of PA).


This property was originally a small part of the 15,500 acre tract known as "Letitia Manor" which William Penn had conveyed to his daughter Letitia. The manor was subsequently partitioned and sold to individual landowners. The Yellow Springs was on one of the tracts containing 593 acres patented to Bryan MacDonnell in 1701 for the yearly quit rent of "one bushel of good merchantable winter wheat.". Bryan MacDonnell erected a stone dwelling on the property which he and his wife and children occupied until his death. By his will dated February 23, 1707, the earliest division of his 593 acre property is recorded. To his son William he bequeathed 253 acres, and the remaining 345 acres, with the dwelling house and farm building, were handed down to another son, Bryan, Jr. Both sons later divided and subdivided their lands, the purchasers, in turn, selling small parcels to new owners. The land is now the site of Brandywine Springs Park a few miles outside of Wilmington.


On 23 Feb 1707 Bryan MacDonnell made his will. He bequeaths to his wife, Mary his dwelling plantation together with 340 acres of land and one half of his household goods and movables. The other half to be equally divided between his two sons, William and Bryan MacDonnell. He bequeaths to his eldest son, John MacDonnell 50 acres of land called the Great Meadow being in the forks of a run called Great Run and ten pounds. To his son, William MacDonnell he gives 250 acres of land being part of the tract of land upon which Bryan lives. To son, James MacDonnell he gives 20 pounds. To son, Bryan MacDonnell he gives his "now dwelling plantation" after the decease of wife Mary. To son, Richard McDonnell he gives 20 pounds to be paid when he comes to the age of 21. To his daughter, Mary Danger he gives one young mare. To daughter Annabel MacDonnell 20 pounds to be paid to her when he comes to the age of 18 also his great white mare, two mare and one colt. Other requests for his children are in his will. His wife Mary and sons William & Bryan are executors. (Vol. B, 153 Old Book New Castle Co., Del) Where the will is recorded there is this note, "Bryan MacDonnell, late of the said county of New Castle having while he lived and at the time of his death good sights and credits in diverse places within the same county.


  1. JOHN7 MACDONNELL (BRYAN6, ALEXANDER5, BRYAN MACCALVAGN4, HUGH BUIDHE3, CALLA CALVAHN2, CHIEF TRILOUGH CHARLES1 MACDONELL) was born 1679 in Wicklow, Ireland, and died 1762 in Big Springs, PA. He married MARY ROBINSON 1712 in St. Paul's Church, Chester, PA. She was born 1683 in Ireland, and died 1747 in Cumberland, PA.


Burial: Presbyterian Springs Church Graveyard, along with Mary.


  1. JOHN8 MCDANIEL (JOHN7 MACDONNELL, BRYAN6, ALEXANDER5, BRYAN MACCALVAGN4, HUGH BUIDHE3, CALLA CALVAHN2, CHIEF TRILOUGH CHARLES1 MACDONELL) was born Abt. 1719 in Mill Creek, New Castle, Delaware, and died 1786 in Georges Twp, Fayette County, PA. He married MARY THOMPSON 1739 in Mill Creek, New Castle Co, Delaware, daughter of ALEXANDER THOMPSON and MARY. She was born 1721, and died 1803 in Georges Twp., Fayette County, Delaware.


In 1735 John's father and his three brothers moved to Big Springs, PA. John was about 21 years old at the time and married to Mary Thompson. John and Mary stayed in Mill Creek, New Castle Co., DE to be near Mary's parents. John and Mary had two sons, Alexander and Isaac in New Castle. They are named in Alexander Thompson's Will, (Mary's father). Sometime during the mid 1760's they moved to and acquired 115 acres of land in Brocks Gap, Augusta County, Virginia and resided there until 1769. The sale of the property in Brock's Gap was finalized in 1772. Later they took Braddock's Road from August Co. to Chadville, Georges Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania where John and Mary, Isaac and Alexander all owned farms. John died in Chadville in 1786 and Isaac died there in 1797.


1785, 1786 on Fayette County Return of state tax as John McDonnald and McDonald.

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Alexander McDonald Probate

Book F p 86 Fayette County Courthouse, Uniontown, PA


Whereas Alexander McDonald late of George Township Fayette County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lately died intestate seized of a Title in Equity to a certain tract of land in the Township aforesaid containing four hundred Acres more or less adjoining James Downard, John White, Joseph Thomas, Thomas Bowell, Thomas Downard, Isaac McDonald’s heirs and the heirs of David McDonald And Whereas the said Alexander McDonald left behind him a Widow (??) and the following Children viz. Jeremiah, Jacob, Joseph, Hannah, Zachariah, Rachel, David, Josiah and Alexander McDonald And Whereas a t?th from the Land Office on Patent has not yet been procured for said tract of Land – and thereforesaid Jeremiah the Elder son of the deceased having moved his family down the Ohio but being now present the several?? Legates for the ?? of future ?? has agreed mutually to release ?? Robert Hustead who is intermarried with Sarah the oldest Daughter of the said deceased and who now resides in the Neighborhood of said land all their rights and title in the same And Whereas the said Jeremiah and Samuel Henderson who is intermarried with Hannah Daughter of the deceased, David McDonald and Alexander McDonald sons of the deceased have absolutely granted Interest and sold unto the said Robert Hustead all their right title and Interest in the said tract of Land and premises And the said Sarah McDonald having also granted bargained and sold unto the said Robert Hustead the one undivided ?? or half part of his ?? this ?? Thereforesaid Joseph McDonald having purchased the other half of Josiah’s part and retained his own – And the said Zachariah & James Reed who is intermarried with Rachel having retained theirs also. Know ye that the said Jeremiah McDonald, Joseph McDonald and David McDonald and Sarah his wife, Josiah McDonald and Margaret his wife and the said Alexander McDonald and Ann his Wife have granted bargained and sold, and by those present do respectively grant bargain and sell unto the said Robert Hustead his heirs and Assigns all the estate right title and Interest that they jointly or respectively ?? had or now have in the aforesaid tract of land and premises or any part thereof. To have and to hold the same unto the said Robert Hustead his heirs and Assigns forever in Consideration as well of the premises and as Well of the sum of ten Dollars per Acre to them paid by the said Robert Hustead the Receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged. In Witness whereof the granting parties aforesaid have hereto set their hands and seals the twenty eight [ninth] day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five.



Fayette County SS. The 30th day of January Anno Domini 1805 Before me the Subscribed one of the Justices of the peace in and for said County personally came Zachariah McDonald for his S?? B?? declared that he and Jeremiah McDonald sign & acknowledge the foregoing writing ?? for his act & deed – Given ?? my hand & seal the same day ?? Fayette County for this 30th day of January Anno Domini 1805 Before me the Subscribed one of the Justice of the peace in and for said County personally came Joseph McDonald and A?? his Wife, Samuel Henderson and Hannah his wife, Jachariah McDonald and Rachel his wife, David McDonald & Sarah his wife, Josiah McDonald & Margaret his wife – Alexander McDonald and Ann his Wife – And Acknowledged the foregoing Indenture of Release to be their Act and Deed thereof – said Assa?? – Hannah – Rachel – Sarah – Margaret – and Ann having been examined as the law directs – Given under my hand & seal this same day – [signed] Zadok Springer {seal} Fayette County for the 1st day of February Anno Domini 1805 Before me the subscribed one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said County personally came James Reed and Rachel his Wife and Acknowledged the foregoing Indenture to be their act and Deed She the said Rachel having been examined as the law directs – Given under my hand & seal the same day [signed] Zadok Springer.



Recorded and Compared the 25th March 1805

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Sandusky Expedition

Alexander served on Sandusky expedition, see pgs 401 & 706 . From: Full text of "An historical account of the expedition against Sandusky under Col. William Crawford in 1782; with biographical sketches, personal reminiscences, and descriptions of interesting localities; including, also, details of the disastrous retreat, the barbarities of the savages, and the awful death of Crawford by torture" p248 Crawford 5 Expedition also died

......pensioners to the general government for duties performed in campaigns, of which this was one. teen pounds to Jacob South ; ten pounds to Jacob Swartz ; eight pounds to William Ross ; thirty-six pounds to the estate of William Crawford ; eleven pounds to John Hardin, Jr. (_/*) ; five pounds sixteen shillings and threepence to John Lucas; eight pounds seven shillings and six pence to the estate of John McClelland (g) ; five pounds to Alexander McDonald; two pounds ten shillings to Thomas Kendall; four pounds ten shillings to Robert Jackson; fifteen pounds to Will- iam Case ; fifteen pounds to Aaron Rollins ; eleven pounds to Lewis Duvall ; three pounds eight shillings to Charles Burdin ; fourteen pounds to Charles Hickman ; six pounds ten shillings to Dennis Stevens." "March 2, 1785. Accounts approved of Craig Ritchie (£) and Andrew Munro (/) for horses lost on the Sandusky expedition.

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