Conflict Period:
War of 1812 1
03 Mar 1782 1

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Nicholas Speak 1
03 Mar 1782 1

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  1. Contributed by robertaestes


Nicholas service file indicates that he was drafted in Virginia Aug 15 1814 and served for 6 months, honorably discharged at Fort Barbour on Feb 22 1815. Dated Sept 28, 1850, and signed. In May 1855 Sarah Speak, his widow, files another bounty land petition, and says he was discharged at Norfolk, Va. and that he was drafted in Washington Co., Va. She says they were married in Washington Co., Va,. in 1803 my Rev. Cummings the presbyterian minister, and that Nicholas died on June 2, 1852. (I show his will probated April 22 - Maybe that was when he wrote it.) Sarah signed with her mark. His pension packet shows his dates of service from July 22 1814 to March 19 1815.


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