Conflict Period:
Korean War 1
11 Mar 1931 1

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loy david england, sr. 1
11 Mar 1931 1

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Captain England (March 11, 1931 - November 4, 2007) served on active duty in the United States Navy towards the end of the Korean Conflict. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, he attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island and was one of the first nuclear officers in the U. S. Navy (before there was an official "nuclear" designation). After nuclear weapons training near Alamogordo, New Mexico, he was based in Coronado, California, accompanying various aircraft carriers (which were ultimately bound for the far east) in order to inspect their nuclear weaponry. He also served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV-34) on a tour through Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Capt. England later joined the U. S. Naval Reserve Unit in Austin, Texas, where he commanded six reserve units and assisted in the creation of mine warfare countermeasures on the Texas shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Capt. England retired after 26 years of service.

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