Conflict Period:
World War I 1
Ca. 15 June 1892 1
06 May 1969 1
Bronx, NYC 1

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Full Name:
David Berman 1
Ca. 15 June 1892 1
06 May 1969 1
Bronx, NYC 1

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  1. Contributed by kkirshner856


Grandpa Dave had served in the US Infantry in WWI in France. He was photographed with a "friend" who was taller and to his left.

He was a new immigrant to the USA when he was drafted. He had been in Canada, prior to arrival in CT and then NY. He had been drafted first at age 18 into the Russian Army at the Front, and he escaped dressed as a woman, with the help of his brother. Jewish soldiers in the Russian Army were sent to the front lines to die first and often were brutalized by both their commanders and other soldiers. They were said to never return alive. He did the right thing and lived out his life with those he loved and who loved him and made a positive impact on the world.  His children were Hy Berman, and still living Sam P. Berman, and Betty B. Kirshner, my mother. He had two grandsons with his firstborn Hy, and two granddaughters with his grandson Sam, and three grandchildren, one grandson and two granddaughters with his daughter Betty. His great grandchildren he never knew and they include three with one grandson, two with another, and one with a granddaughter and two with another and two with a third. There are at least two great great grandchildren he never knew of, as well. He is remembered and loved and his granddaughter Diane Berman Linder (deceased Dec. 20, 2012) named her only child, David, in his memory.

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