Conflict Period:
World War I 1
06 Jan 1889 1

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Ethel Beyer 1
06 Jan 1889 1

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  1. Contributed by SusanKSpies


Ethel Beyer, born 6 Jan 1889 in North Dakota Territory, was the first woman from NDT to respond and enlist in the US Army Reserve Nurse Corps.  After training at Camp Grant, Rockford IL, she was sent to NY to prepare for departure to France.  In France, 1918-1919, she tended to soldiers along the lines, being near the battles of The Second Marne, St. Mihiel and Soissons.  At the time the war 'officially' ended, 11/11/1918, she was about 30 miles from where 'Taps' was played to signal the end of the Great War.

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