Conflict Period:
World War II 1
July 26 , 1921 1

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Carl Melvin Carson 1
July 26 , 1921 1

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  1. Contributed by kwestervelt933


Pearl Harbor

Carl was my uncle. At the time of Pearl Harbor he was on deck of the USS Ariziona. Was thrown off into the water covered in oil, and some other shipmates came and pulled him to safety just before the fire on the water was about to over take him. He was in the hospital for months. He interviewed by Tom Brokaw on the  60th anniversity at Pearl Harbor. He was a quite man and never talked much about that day. I'm sure a lot of his shipmates with through the same kind o experienace's. God Bless them all that was there. And a big thank you to the guys who pulled Uncle Carl out of the water. He told me that he never got their names. I would like to thank them in this way, by letting them know that we know,even though we don't know who they are. Neice Kay

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