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World War I 1
04 Mar 1889 1

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Arnie Dale 1
04 Mar 1889 1

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Letter to Sister, Pearl, While in Navy - Mexico 1914

Dale_Arnie – On Gun Boat – Advance Hustler – 14 May 1914 Pg 1


Arnie A. Dale, whose father, John S. Dale, lives near Jamestown, is one of the Boone county boys who are assisting in the defense of the flag in Mexico. He is stationed on a gun boat in the Mexican, Pacific waters. He is a brother of Mrs Artie Clifton who lives soutbeast of here.At present they are not able to get in communication with him.




Dale_Arnie – Letter from Mexico – Advance Hustler – 18 Jun 1914 Pg 1


Letter From Mexico


The following letter from Arnie Dale to his sister, Mrs Artie Clifton will be of timely interest to the readers of the Hustler:


San Bias Giol, Mexico.


May 26, 1914


Dear Sister:--


Received your ''special" not long ago, and was sure glad to hear from you. You know I haven't had any chance at all to get mail to the States, as all ships are south now and none north bound. We sure have been having a time of it while down here. Have been all up and down this coast, had orders to keep in sight of the Guareno, one of the federals gunboats and report all her actions to Commander in Chief, well we started on her trail off the Harbor of Topalavampo, chased her to Guaymas, from Guaymas to Mazatlan, from there out at sea north for Salana Cruz, that is about the distance of all Mexico, have been relieved of the chase by the Chattanogue. We were out of coal, and are yet. Have been in San Bias three weeks, are out of stores have had “hard tack" for two weeks and used it all today, a collier must come soon they sent one from Mare Island to us they said but it hasn't reached us yet.


We have been ready for action since the trouble began, gun crews sleep by their guns but I think the question will soon be settled by peace. But I think we need war down here to show the Mexicans that we cannot take insults from so low a class of people. The last liberty we made in Mazatlan some of our men off this ship got into serious trouble with an officer of the Mexican army, because a cab driver wanted double fare for taking them to dock, they didn't want to pay so this officer drew his company and give orders to aim al our men, of course they paid the fare and left at once. Nothing like that gets to the people in the States, you know, but insults like that go on every day. Morelas another federal gunboat, stranded on the beach off Mazatlan the breakers washing her nearer the shore every day, some terrible fighting was going on there when we were there. The Morelas tried to get in the harbor of Mazatlan through a channel so as to get in range of the rebels with her guns, but being after night she missed tne channel and went around, rebel sharp shooters, on an island near them simply killed every man on the ship one man a gunner was with her to to the last, they fought for four days shot up Market street in Mazatlan until there wasn't anything left of it. The rebels shut off the water that supplies the city about a month ago and the federals in there are dying of thirst. Also the rebels have two biplanes and tried to blow up the Guareno while we were chasing her. One bomb went twelve feet from her bow but didn't hit her.


An American came aboard here to day a refuge has served four years in the U. S. Army but has lived down here for the last two or three years, and was an officsr in the Mexican army until a few days ago. He said the rebels were getting too many and he thought something of his life so he beat it. He is also a fine cornet player. We have a large fleet of ships down here now.


We have been down here five months and no chance of getting back to the States soon I guess. How are the folks at home? Tell them not to worry about me. Guess ??????????? Answer real soon. Love to all.


From Your Brother.


Arnie Dale.

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