James Calvin Abner

James Calvin Abner

Civil War (Union) · US Army
Civil War (Union) (1861 - 1865)
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Civil War (Union)

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United States of America

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Stories about James Calvin Abner

    Served in Company "J" (Capt McClain's Company), 1st Regiment, 1st Kentucky Cavalry as a private in the Civil War. According to the affidavit supporting his burial claim, his date of enlistment was 20 Aug 1861. and date of discharge was 31 Dec 1864. This was confirmed by the State of Kentucky Adjutant General's Report, Vol I, published in 1866. James Calvin Abner, along with his brother George W. Abner were mustered in on 5 Dec 1861 at Camp Boyle Kentucky Both were mustered out on 31 Dec 1864, at the end of their three year enlistment, at Camp Nelson, Kentucky The 1st Kentucky Cavalry was also known as Wolford's Cavalry, after it's leader, Colonel Frank Wolford who organized it at Camp Dick Robinson, Kentucky The 1st came into active service on 28 Oct 1861. The regiment was placed on immediate active duty and saw fighting in "many skirmishes and all the early battles in Kentucky" according to the above mentioned Adjutant General's Report. Major engagements of Company "J" included the locations of Wild Cat, Kentucky; Philadelphia, TN; Mill Springs, Kentucky; Leabanon, TN; Stone River, TN; Hillsboro, GA; Lost Mountain, GA; Somerset, Kentucky; Knoxville, TN; plus all the battles of the Atlanta Campaign. According to his pay records, he furnished his own horse and equipment. His horse and equipment were captured by the enemy while he was on picket duty on or about 1 May 1862, near Mill Spring Kentucky

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