Carlis Otto Dunford served aboard the USS Trego in the South Pacific in 1943. He was wounded.

Conflict Period:
World War II 1
31 Dec 1969 1

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Carlis Otto Dunford 1
31 Dec 1969 1

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  1. Contributed by peggysuedw1776


Carlis Otto Dunford got shrapnel in his leg while serving in the US Navy aboard the USS Trego in 1943. He was hospitalized at Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital and later transferred to a hospital in Washington, DC. When he was rehabilitated he worked as a US Page at our Pentagon.  After he got out of the Navy he enlisted in the Merchant Marines and was back in the South Pacific on a ship that was delivering weapons to our Navy and got shrapnel in his other leg! His legs bothered him the rest of his life. My brother Luther said C.O. had 2 surgeries on his legs.

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