Harrison H Dulaney

Harrison H Dulaney

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Other Service

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Philippine Insurrection, pre- Spanish-American War

    Henry attended Boot Camp at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. The Rough Riders, under Col. Theodore Roosevelt, were training at the same time. The Rough Riders were not U.S. Army, but a private army made up of volunteers mostly from the Old West. Henry was transfered to the Philippine Islands where there was the begining of an uprising. The U.S. gained the Philippines from Spainat a later date. Henry was assigned to Cebu Island. Many years later (1965), I, his grandson flew out of Mactan Airfield on the same island. The base was under construction at the time, and was slated to be turned over to the Philippine Government. I remember a fleet of old silver polished Korean War era jets lined up with Philippine markings. Harry bought a wife, daughter of a rubber plantation owner (he paid $5.00 for her). He was lying in a grass hut and heard loud noises outside, he sat up and set his camera on the window sill and snapped a shot. What he photographed was a funeral ritual, two men swinging a pig over a dead man and a shaman officiation. Had he been discovered, he would have been killed. My father had the picture, however, his home was flooded by the Trinity River and many photographs were ruined. I do not know if that picture was among them.

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