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Civil War (Union) (1861 - 1865)
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Civil War (Union)

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Rear Admiral (Upper Half)

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24 Apr 1877

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United States of America

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Stories about JOHN J ALMY

    Rear Admiral John Jay Almy was born in Newport, RI on 24 April 1815 and passed away16 May 1895. Married to Alida Gardner Almy in New York City. He entered the Navy in 1829 and served first in the Mediterranean. Later in 1835 he was promoted to mast midshipman off the coast of Brazil on the 'New York'. Later he served on 'Cyane' for three years in the Mediterranean where he was master and navigator. In 1841 he was commissioned Lieutenant and saw much action in the West Indies and the coast of Africa. His first war service was during the Mexican War. He served honorably during that war. He commanded the 'Fulton' for several years, including perilous times off the coast of Central America. In 1861 he was commissioned Commander and during the Civil War commanded the 'Connecticut', capturing and destroying several blockade running steamers. In 1865 he became Captain and was in command of the'Juanita', serving off the coast of Brazil, again, and recognized for rescuing the Brazilian ship, 'America', saving that ship and it's crew from a shipwreck. By 1869 he was transferred to desk duty in Washington, DC for two years. Then in 1873 was placed in command of the naval forces in the Pacific, during which time he was promoted to Rear Admiral. Shortly after receiving this new post, a revolution broke out in Panama. With but two ships, he managed to protect the people and their lands, sparing communication and the railroad system as well. In April 1877 he retired from the navy, holding at that time, the longest record of sea service with twenty-seven years and ten months. Shore duty was fourteen years and eight months. His wife, Alida Gardner Almy, and he had two sons and two daughters.

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