Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Air Force 1
First Lieutenant 1
Tennessee 1

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Personal Details

George Joseph Safy 1
Hometown: Mainz, Germany 1
Tennessee 1
Male 1

World War II 1

Air Force 1
First Lieutenant 1
Service Start Date:
1942 1
Service End Date:
1944 1
Casualty Cause:
Hostile, Died while Missing 1
Casualty Date:
09 Sep 1944 1
Casualty Place:
Germany 1
Casualty Reason:
Air Loss, Crash - Land 1
Wall Coordinates:
Plot 6,Row16,Grave 31 1

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The aircraft involved in this incident was B-24J # 42-50897, unnamed, assigned to the 847th Bomb Squadron.

For this Pathfinder mission, a twelve-man crew was on board. No distinctive listing has been found of individual crew members, but various sources identify these following as part of the crew:

Cpt Thomas M. Plese     p
Maj William Baum       mission pilot
Lt Clifford Lafray     radar operator
1 Lt George J. Safy     navigator
SSgt John Davis     gunner (position unknown)
         Joe Holmes    radio operator (rank unknown)
        Gabe Latsko    waist gunner (position /rank unknown)
        Dale Stensrud   waist gunner (position/rank unknown)
SSgt Ronald M. Cheyne    tail gunner

Missing Air Crew Report 8905 as well as Charles Freudenthal's book relate 6 personnel were KIA; the remaining 6 were taken prisoner. Records indicate Cheyne, Latsko, and Stensrud were among those taken prisoner.

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