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Fred Tobias, Jr. Bruni

Fred Tobias, Jr. Bruni

World War II · US Army · Captain
World War II (1939 - 1945)
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Conflict Period

World War II



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United States of America

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    Notes/Links: (M-2 Tank information) (Roster of those murdered by the Japanese). (burial sites)


    " During World War II, in order to prevent the rescue of prisoners of war by the advancing allies, on 14 December 1944, the Japanese herded the remaining 150 prisoners of war at Puerto Princesa into three covered trenches which were then set on fire using barrels of gasoline. Prisoners who tried to escape the flames were shot down. Others attempted to escape by climbing over a cliff that ran along one side of the trenches, but were later hunted down and killed. Only 11 men escaped the slaughter and between 133 and 141 were killed. The site of the massacre can still be visited.

    The massacre is the premise of the recently published boo k Last Man Out: Glenn McDole, USMC, Survivor of the Palawan Massacre in World War II by Bob Wilbanks, and the opening scenes of the 2005 Miramax movie, "The Great Raid".

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