FOUNTAIN ELLIOTT PITTS SHARP born 1839, Tennessee, United States.Fount was captured Columbia, Tenn. 10 Aug. 1864 He died a POW, 04 Feb 1865, Camp Chase Ohio

Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
Confederate Army 1

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Personal Details

Fountain E P Sharp 1
Age: 21 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Enlistment Date:
1861 1
Military Unit:
Second (Smith's) Cavalry AND Second (Biffle's) Battalion, Cavalry 1
Tennessee 1

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FOUNTAIN ELLIOTT PITTS SHARP was born in 1839 in Tennessee, United States. He died on 04 Feb 1865 in Camp Chase, Ohio, United States (Fount died 4 Feb. 1865, Camp Chase Ohio as a POW. He is buried in the Confederate cem. there #1043.  He was in Co. I, first Tenn. Cav., captured Columbia, Tenn. 10 Aug. 1864. This per Merle Stevens 8/24/2011).
Notes for Fountain Elliott Pitts Sharp:
Fountain died as a POW at Camp Chase, Ohio 165&GRid=47596034&

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