Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
Confederate Army 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
G V Ancker 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Enlistment Date:
1862 1
Military Unit:
First Infantry (Six Months, 1861) R-Z, First Regiment, Militia (Charleston Reserves) 1
South Carolina 1

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  1. Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - SC [See image]


G.V. Ancker was a slave trader from Charleston. He came from Richmond, where his family were slave dealers, in the 1840's and set up a branch of the family business in Charleston. He was successful in his trade. His name appears, among other places, in the records of the George Edwards estate, from which he bought a number of slave in 1860. Ancker was buying for resale and probably already had purchasers lined up for the slaves he bought from the estate. He owned real estate and slave pens near the docks in Charleston. He married in the early 1840's and suffered a personal tragedy a few years later when his two children and young wife all died within a period of a few weeks. He was probably about 40 when the Civil War began. It is a stretch to call him a soldier, though he had the social title. He served but six months in a reserve regiment known as a haven for the elite.

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