John D Imboden

John D Imboden

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Brigadier General
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)
Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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Brigadier General

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United States of America

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Stories about John D Imboden

    Imboden's Brigade Stuart's Cavalry Division

    A monument to Imboden's Brigade is west of Gettysburg on South Reynolds Avenue, and a marker is in Cashtown (about seven miles west of Gettysburg) in front of the Cashtown Inn.

    The brigade was commanded by Brigadier General John Imboden. It normally operated as a semi-independent command in western Virginia, and Lee did not view its discipline or combat capabilities very highly. It was not at Gettysburg, protecting supply and ammunition trains in the rear of the army.

    After the battle Imboden was given the mission of escorting the 18-mile train of wounded back to Virginia. Arriving at the Potomac crossings at Williamsport, Maryland, he found the river uncrossable due to high water, and organized a successful defence which held off Union cavalry under Buford and Kilpatrick until the rest of Lee's army arrived.

    The monument's location on South Reynolds Avenue just off Hagerstown Road is shared with two other Confederate cavalry brigades, Robertsons' andJones', which were not at Gettysburg but played an important role in the campaign.

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