James Lovett

James Lovett

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)


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Seventh Infantry (I-M)

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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Service Start Date

25 Apr 1862

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Service End Date

22 Oct 1862

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Served For

United States of America

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Biographical Sketch

    Private James Lovett was born at Nova Scotia in 1810.

    He was mustered into service on July July 20, 1861 in Captain James P. McMullen's Infantry Company, and discharged on October 20th, 1861.

    He was again mustered into service on December 20, 1861with Captain Henry Mulrenan’s Florida Volunteer Coast Guards.  He remained in this unit until mustered into Confederate service on April 25th, 1862 when he was enlisted as a Private in Captain Smith’s Company (Key West Avengers), 7th Regiment Florida Infantry by Major R. B. Thomas at Tampa, Florida for a period of 3 years or the war.

    He was present on all rolls until his discharge for unspecified disease on October 22nd, 1862 at Knoxville, Tennessee.  He died the next day.

    He was described as 5'11", fair skin, blue eyes, grayish hair, and by occupation a sailor.

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