Anderson M Harris

Anderson M Harris

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Second Lieutenant
Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)

Sixth Infantry (G-H)

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Confederate Army

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Conflict Period

Civil War (Confederate)

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6th Florida, Company A ("Davidson's Company", "Florida Guards")

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Second Lieutenant

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Service End Date

5 May 1865

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Service Start Date

12 Mar 1862

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Anderson M Harris

Biographical Sketch

    2nd Lieutenant Anderson Mills Harris was born June 14th, 1827 at Yorkville, South Carolina.

    In 1860, he was living at Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida.  He was a clerk by profession, owning real estate in the value of $400, and a personal worth of $10,000.

    He was enlisted into Confederate service on March 12, 1862 at Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and appointed as 2nd Lieutenant.  He was stationed at Rico’s Bluff, and was detailed to remain with the sick when the regiment left the state, and to rejoin the regiment when they were well enough to travel.

    He rejoined the regiment about June 30th, 1862, but became ill and was left behind at Frankfort, Kentucky, in early October.

    He was captured by Federal forces at Frankfort, Kentucky on October 15th, 1862 and transported to the military prison at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland and paroled from there in November of 1862.

    He arrived in Richmond, Virginia about December 5th, 1862, and was given a medical furlough of 30 days by a Doctor Peebles.

    He returned to the company about February 9th, 1863 and remained with it until April 20th, 1863 when he was detached for service as Acting Assistant Inspector General to Colonel Robert C. Trigg’s brigade.  He would serve in this role until November 15th, 1863 when he was appointed AAIG with the rank of 1st Lieutenant by Brigadier General Finley, who was in command of the newly formed Florida Brigade.

    He remained with the brigade until granted a furlough of 30 days while at Tupelo, Mississippi on January 23rd, 1865.

    On March 10th, he was documented as a Captain and AAG, and sent to Richmond.

    He was with what remained of the Florida Brigade when it surrendered at Durham Station, North Carolina on April 26, 1865.  He was paroled at Catawba Bridge, South Carolina on May 5, 1865.

    After the war, he was employed as a lumber inspector.  Lieutenant Harris died on November 26th, 1881 at Apalachicola, Florida and is interred at Chestnut Cemetery, Apalachicola, Franklin County, Florida.

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