Malcom Baxter

Malcom Baxter

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · Private E-1



    June 30th, 1860.  Residing at Almirante.  Head of household Malcom, age 46, male, born in NC; Margaret, age 35, female, born in NC; Alexander, age 4 mos, male, born in FL; William (McCoy), age 14, male, born in GA; Mary (McCoy), age 3, male, born in AL.


      Malcolm Baxter, age 48 years, was enlisted as Private on May 15th 1862 in Captain Cawthon’s Company, Company H (Union Rebels), 6th Regiment Florida Infantry by S. A. Cawthon at Mount Vernon Arsenal, Florida, for a period of 3 years.  He is reported present on the Company Muster Roll for June 30th through November 12th, 1862.  This roll also documents that bounty is due; substitute for Griffin Pippin.

      He was absent on detached service as city guard in Knoxville, Tennessee, from November 19th, 1862 through April 30th, 1863.

      He is reported absent on the Company Muster Roll for July 9th, 1863 through October 31st, 1863.  This roll documents absent on sick furlough.

      He is reported absent on the Company Muster Roll for December 31st, 1863, through February 29th, 1864.  This roll documents absent without leave since November 19th, 1863, in Walton County, Florida.

      He last appears on a Receipt Roll for Clothing for April 1st to June 30th, 1864.

      Fate unknown.