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03 Feb 2005 2

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Full Name:
Harvey Joseph Luitjens 2
Minnesota 1
Male 1
06 Jul 1921 2
03 Feb 2005 2
Last Residence: Osseo, MN 2
Mother: Hattie 1
Father: Louis 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Minnesota 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-7234 2

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Harvey Joseph "Jack" Luitjens, B-25's, WWII MTO 37279703


Harvey's 1st of 66 Combat Missions was flown in the "Lil' Butch" #42-4052
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Harvey Luitjens is being remembered by his son Steven for his War-time Service as a Radio/Gunner in the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers in the Mediterranean Theatre.  66 Combat Missions.  He served in the 321st Bomb Group, the 446th Bomb Squadron, of the 12th Air Force and 57th Bomb Wing.

In WWII Harvey was accepted into the AAC and recieved Training in Johnson City, TN. He then specialized in Radio Mechanic at Scott Field, Illinois and Operator Training at Traux Field, Wisc.  He would then have been assigned to the B-25 Medium Bomber Unit /321st Bomb Group, and into the 446th Bomb Squadron and eventually sent over the Atlantic to serve in Combat Missions in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) 

   Harvey Graduated AAC Scott Field Radio Academy as a "Radio Mechanic" 10 Nov. 1942.  He then graduated Traux Field, Madison, Wisc. for "Radio Operator" 28 May, 1943.

SCOTT FIELD, Illinois began when Shiloh Valley Township, Illinois, leased 640 acres to the War Department for use as an aviation site in June 1917. The War Department named the site after Corporal Frank S. Scot--the first enlisted man to die in an aircraft accident--on July 10, 1917. The layout of Scott Field was typical of aviation fields built during World War I.   During World War II Scott Field's main mission was to train radio operator-mechanics. By June 1945, Scott Field had trained 77,370 technicians who went on to be responsible for vital command and control communication throughout the Air Force. In January 1948, Scott Field was redesignated Scott Air Force Base. Scott AFB continued as a major training base for the Air Force until 1957.

Truax Field ...Dane County Regional Airport ___   Truax Field is located at the Dane County Regional Airport, just on the northeast side of Madison, Wisconsin. Truax Field was activated as an Army Air Base in June of 1942. It was deactivated as an active military base in 1968, when it was taken over by the Wisconsin Air National Guard. It was named in honor of Lieutenant Thomas L. Truax, a Wisconsin native, who was killed in a P-40 training accident in November 1941.

**********     Harvey Jack Luitjens     ********** 
Birth:  Jul. 6, 1921   Death:  Feb. 3, 2005
Burial: Fort Snelling National Cemetery -Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
U.S. Veterans Gravesites, Name: Harvey J Luitjens
Service Info.: T SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II    6 Jul 1921 to 3 Feb 2005
Cemetery: Ft. Snelling National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 7601 34th Avenue, South Minneapolis, MN 55450
Obituary Date:  15 Feb 2005 -Newspaper Title: Champlin Dayton Press
Newspaper Location: Champlin, MN, US  -  Harvey Luitjens


Mr. Luitjens passed away on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005.
   He will be deeply missed by his children, Carol (Frank) Burrows, Steven (Roseanna) Luitjens; grandchildren, Amy, Andrew and Lauren; sisters, Leona Roelofs and Esther Johnson; nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Data entered by Barbi Ennis Connolly .. 321st Bomb Group Historian  57th Bomb Wing Historical Researcher

More to come from Harvey's proud son Steve. 

T/Sgt Harvey J Luitjens, Radio/Gunner on the B-25 Mitchell, WWII


Harvey's Missions/assembled by his son Steven;

1) mad a run on bridgein city of Riminni. Carried 4x1000bombs.  Flew with Lt. Fitzgerald. 2) Piazensa r.r. bridge 4x1000 p47 escort  had a lot of flak 448 ship on Nickling mission Lt. Nagle 3) Piazensa fuel dump 4x1000 had a great deal of flak gunner killed  Burant 4) Milan r.r. bridge flak for about 20 minutes. Saw German sub off the coast.  One ship lost direct hit killed on ship.  Burant 5) r.r. bridge near Plessindra 4x1000 run into pretty accurate flak. Ship on our wing hit in gas tank one man bailed over target. The crew ditched and are all safe. Burant. 6) r.r. bridgenear Piazzinsa milk run made two passes on target.  Lt. Gibbons. 7) Galliate r.r. bridge loads of flak.  Blew out stack and made largehole in stabilizer. Single engine back from target. Fontaine. 8) Had a wx mission to ?? milk run Saw a few fighters but no pass. Nagle.
9) Plaelectric transformer station 4x1000. Fw. got 4 b-26's. Flew with Lt. Col. Cooper. 10) Went to Matta Pilinerza r.r. bridge Couldnt drop due to wx. Lt. Goodrich. 11) Abtigila Ferry terminal. Lost 4 shipsmost of men bailed. We picked up 50 holes  single engine and pilots controls shot out.  One 88 went through the wing and didnt expolode.  Capt. Smedley. 12) Forlo nigrlo fuel dump  milk run. 8x500 milk run but a few fighters. Capt. Jordan. 13) Made a good run on tombra r.r. bridge but target was closed due to smoke pots 4x1000 . Capt Jordan. 14) Wx mission to You.  First for ??? few german ships in harbor. Capt. Smedley. 15) r.r. bridge in Zagreb 4x1000 very little flak spits, 51's, 38's as cover. Goodrich. 16) Faenza troop concentration dropped grags very good mission.  About a half dozen bursts of flak.  Out of range. Ritger. 17) Had a run on r.r. bridge Romano  Lombardia. Just north of po river. Heavy flak but very inaccurated. 4x1000. Maj. ZAiglar. 18) Hit Enego rail bridge up in the Alps. 4x1000. Smedley. 19) Feanza troop concentration didnt drop ue to smoke pots. Carried frags. Matthews. 20) Hit troops at Castel Bologinese. Carrid frags. Lots of flak. Lost one ship Pitger only one that got out. Smedley. 21)Milk run. on Yugoslavia a bridge at Zagreb. Five hr. mission 24 degrees below. 4X1000. Smedley. 22)Tryed to get into Yugoslavia again wx wouldnt let us get in.  Smedley. 23)Mad a good mission on Padua r.r bridge 4x1000. Lowads of fighters. Ha p47 escort.  Matthews. 24) Had a very good mission today. Got lost and got flak on the way in. Lots more flak over target. Hit Rouerta?? r.r. bridge Brenner pass.  Picked up about 100 holes. Smedley. 25) Had very good mission had a lot of flak but very little damage. 4x1000  Hit Rouerta in Brenner pass.  Petroski. 26) Lavis r.r. bridge in Brenner.  Had lots of flak. Picked up about 50 holes and flat tire. Smedley. 27)Went back to Rouerta r.r. bridge. Loads of flak. Picked up about 30 holes. HIT IN HAND AND THIGH. 4x1000. Matthews. 28) Lavis r.r. div?? very little flak but accurate. 4x1000 for once not holes Lt. Everhart 29)Lavis r.r div carried 4x1000 couldnt get in one to wx  Lost on way back due to snow storm Matthews. 30) Went to Lavis r.r div 4x1000 lbs. Lots of flak and very accurate. Picked up a few holes. and flat tire. Matthews. 31) Rouereta east r.r. bridge. Had a very good mission just a few bursts of flak. Lt Col young as co pilot.  Smedley pilot. 32)Lavisr.r. bidge 4x1000 lots of flak second flight got it.  Picked up a few holes in ship Smedley. 33)Milk run but cound not get into the target because of overcast. Petroski. 34) Milk run on the San Michelle r.r. bridge.  4x1000 bombs looked very good.  Maj. Smedley. 35) Really had a rough one carredi incendaries to go after gun sopitions.  Got us before bomb run. Picked up about 60 holes TAIL GUNNER GOT IT. Maj. Smedley. 36)Went after Callino r.r. bridge very rough.   Got flak about 6 min. picked up about 200 holes. Single engine and flat tire. Had just 20 gallons of gas left. Capt. Crisp. 37)Mildrun on Sacile r.r. bridge Lt. Carlson. 38) Another one to Brenner pass. Hit Callino r.r. br. didnt get too much flak but it was very accurate. No holes. Smedley. 39) Milk run on Crema r.r. br.  Lt. Holt. 40) Lavis r.r. div some flak picked up about 10 holes 4x1000 Smedley. 41)Ala r.r. gr. got loads of flak got one large hole in the radio compartm one went through the bomb site and bounced from bomb. flake helmet 4x1000 Lt. Ramsey. 42) Went after san Michelle r.r. bridge was supposed to be a milk run.  Run into a large barrage of flak. Knowcked out 6 form the formation.  Picked up about 30 holes. Landed with flat tire and no flaps or brakes. 4x1000.  Smedley. 43) San Michelle r.r. br  no flak 4x1000 Lt. Ramsey. 44) Hit lavis r.r. bridge Hardly any flak. some ships couldnt make it back 4x1000 Smedley. 45) Beautiful weather mission. Milk run. Capt. Hurley. 46) Ala r.r. br. few burts of flak no holes Smedley Col Young. 47) San ambrego r.r. br. few holes flak was heavy and accurate Smedley 48)Rouereta r.r. br. lots of flak  started to shoot too late missed us 4x1000 Smedley. 49) wx mission milk run Capt Hurley 50) Had a good run on Peri r. fill lots of flak but only a few holes. 4x1000 Smedley 51) Ala r.r. fill sweet milk run 4x1000 Smedley 52) coulknt get in to ora due to wx so we got a good milk run.  Smedley. 53) Lacava r.r. yrds  shot all 105's  Picked up some holes yards had abut 300 cars could see smoke for aobut 100 miles. Smedley. 54) Came r.r. bridge and yards. Had a rough day of it. EVERHART GOT IT. Lots of holes4x1000 Smedley. 55) Tryed special equip today milk run near ??? no soap. Berge. 56) roa r.r. br. started to shoot at us too late. 4x1000 Lt.Sherline. 57) Micking mission Mudena area. No flak Smedley. 58) Ala r.r. br. few bursts but no one seemed to mind. Maj Smedley. 59) Wen to Austria Motre r.r. br. no  flak Somethings wrong with the Jerries. Smedley. 60) La Spesia Harbor.  Went for coastal guns. Barrage type but below us 4x1000 Capt Kimble. 61) Same as 60. 62) Salorno rail fill milk run but run into flak on way out Capt Crisp. 63) Front lines using frags  lots of action and no flak  Smedley. 64) Front lines again500 lbs. today. went after artillery blew building to bits little flak but no damage. Smedley. 65-66) Troop concentrations. Got a lot of flak few holes frags again. Maj. Smedley.

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