Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
Confederate Army 1
05 Dec 1833 2
Milledgeville, Gwinnett County, Georgia 2
08 Sep 1913 2
Congo, Cherokee County, Alabama 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Landers Roberts 2
Full Name:
John L Roberts 1
05 Dec 1833 2
Milledgeville, Gwinnett County, Georgia 2
08 Sep 1913 2
Congo, Cherokee County, Alabama 2
Frances Adaline Owens 2
18 Feb 1858 2
Calhoun (Benton) County, Alabama 2

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Enlistment Date:
1865 1
Military Unit:
Twenty-seventh Infantry 1
Alabama 1

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Application for the Relief of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors; Alabama Pension No. 9502

Cherokee County, Alabama


Application for the Relief of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Alabama Pension No. 9502

The State of Alabama, Cherokee County.
To the Honorable Board of Pension Examiners for said County:
Your petitioner, J. L. Roberts, respectfully represents to your honorable board that he is a resident citizen of Cherokee County, State of Alabama, and that he resided in said State on the first day of January in the year 1899. That he enlisted in the service of the State, or Confederate States, as a Private in  company B in the 27th Regiment on the day of August 1861 at Gaylesville in the State of Alabama, That he is now unable to make a living by manual labor on account of hernia and stiff knee joint; That he is at time filing this application 65 years of age, and that his post office address is Hurley, Alabama; That he does not own property either in his own name, nor that of his wife, to the value of four hundred dollars; that his annual income does not exceed four hundred dollars, and that he has no children upon whom he can depend for support. Your petitioner files herewith a complete schedule of all the property owned by himself and wife.  In consideration of the foregoing facts, your petitioner asks that his name be placed upon the pension rolls, in the class that your honorable board may adjudge him to belong, that he may participate in the division of the fund provided for the relief of Confederate and Alabama soldiers and their widows, by act of the General Assembly approved February 10, 1899.

Signed: J L Roberts, Applicant

The State of Alabama, Cherokee County,
Schedule of Property med with application for pension by J L Roberts

Real Estate ------------------------------------------- Value
120 acres of land situated in Cherokee County --------- 250.00
Number ------- Personal Property ---------------------- Value
.... 1....   -------  one mule ---------------------------  40.50
.... 1....   -------  one cow ---------------------------- 15.00
.... 8....   -------  hogs and 1 sheep-------------------- 09.00
.... 1....   -------  one clock --------------------------- 01.50
...........   -------  Household and kitchen furniture  ----- 29.00
.......   Mechanical and farming tools and implements ---- 03.00
---------------------------------------------Total ---- 98.00

The State of Alabama, Cherokee County,
Personally appeared before me, J A Culpeper, a Justice of the Peace in and for said State and County,  J L Roberts, who, being by me duty sworn , deposes and says that the foregoing schedule embraces all the property owned by himself and wife, and that the valuation as fixed is a fair and just value therof.
Signed .... J L Roberts
Sworn to and subscribed before me J A Culpeper, Just of the Peace in and for said County,
this 19th day of April 1899

The State of Alabama, Cherokee County,
Before me, J. L. Savage, Judge of Probate, in and for said State and County, personally appeared John L Roberts who being by me first duly  sworn deposes and says that he in now on the pension roll of Cherokee County, in the 4th Class; that he hereby makes application under an Act approved April 24th, 1911, to be placed on the pension roll of the second class on account of his age, he being at the time of making this application over the age of seventy years, or have lost a leg, or foot, or arm, or hand , or the entire use thereof, further states that he was born in Gwenett County, Georgia on this 5th day of December 1833 that he depends solely upon his pension for support and maintenance; that he is unable to procure any other positive proof as to his age, as there is no one in this part of the country can testify as to his birth. (signature of Jon L Roberts appears here, which is very shaken writting)
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of August, 1911. J. L. Savage, Judge of Probate

Affidavit of Witness
State of Alabama, Cherokee County,
I J. S. Harwell do solemly swear that I am acquainted with John L. Roberts, whose name is signed to the foregoing application, and that I have known him for 50 years; that, from personal knowledge of him and his general appearance, I believe that he is over seventy years of age as stated in this application . Signed... J L Harwell
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of August 1911. I hereby certify that affiant is known to me and he is a person of integrity and veracity.  Signed... J L Savage, Judge Probate

John Landers Roberts; Military Records and Service

Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama


U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865 Name: John L. Roberts Side: Confederate  Regiment State/Origin: Alabama  Regiment Name: 27 Alabama Infantry.  Regiment Name Expanded: 27th Regiment, Alabama Infantry  COMPANY: B  Rank In: Private  Rank In Expanded: Private  Rank Out: Private  Rank Out Expanded: Private  Film Number: M374 roll 38 

John L Roberts

Co. B, 27 Alabama Infantry

(Conf ederate)


Card Numbers:




Appears on a muster roll of Officers and Men paroled in accordance with the terms of a Military Convention entered into on the 26th day of April, 1865, between General Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding Confederate Army, and Major General W.T. Sherman, Commanding United States Army in North Carolina.

Parol ed at Salisbury, N.C., May 2, 1865


Alabam a, Census of Confederate Soldiers, 1907, 1921 Pg. 38, No. 114, Name: John Landus (Landers) Roberts Residence Year: 1907 Residence Place: Cherokee County Birth Date: 5 Dec 1833 Birth Location: Milledgeville, Gwinnett, Georgia Present Post Office Address: Congo, Alabama First entered service as Private on May 1861 at Gaylesville, Alabama in the Co "B" (Clifton's Co.) 27th Ala. Reg and continued until the close of war. Paroled at Salesbury, N. C., May 2nd, 1866.


Alabama, Confederate Pension and Service Records, 1862-1947 Name: John L Roberts Residence County: Cherokee Residence Year: 1913 Image:   1530 of 5399 Date, Check #, Signature, Witness Signature Jan 1, 9502, 20.00, John L Roberts, W Roberts


1907 - 8, Census, Tax Collector, Cherokee County, Alabama
A resident of Congo, Cherokee County, Alabama, John Landers Roberts was listed in the 1907 Census of Confederate Veterans.
His statement: Born December 5, 1833, Giwinnett County, Georgia.
First entered service as private May 1861 at Gaylesville, Alabama in Co. B (Clifton's Co.), 27th Ala. Regt. and continued until close of war. On May 02, 1865, John Landers Roberts, a Confederate Prisoner was paroled from Salisbury, North Carolina.
He drew a pension in Cherokee County, Alabama.

27th Regiment, Alabama Infantry - History of Regiment

The "Twenty-Seventh Alabama Infantry" was organized and mustered into Confederate service at Fort Heiman, Tennessee, during the last month of 1861. Most of the companies, however, had been organized as early as the pervious July. Soon after being mustered into service the Twenty-Seventh Alabama Infantry was placed on garrison duty at Fort Donelson, Tennessee. The majority of the regiment was captured when that place fell in February, 1862, under Head's Brigade, B. R. Johnson's Division.
Those not captured were primarily officers and men who were in hospitals. In September 1863 the 27th Infantry was reorganized placed under Department of Misssissippi and East Louisiana, until Spring of 1864. On June 1st, 1864, 27th was consolidated with 35th & 49th Infantry Regiments, under Scott's Brigade, Loring's Division, Stewart's C rps, Army of Tennessee. On April 26, 1865, they surrendered at Bennett's House, Durham Station, N.C. Out of 300 men, probably fewer than 75 men were members of the 27th Alabama Infantry and a handful from the original 27th.

John Landers Roberts (1833 - 1913) of Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama

Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama

John Landers Roberts (1833 - 1913) of Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama

JOHN LANDERS4 ROBERTS  (DAVID P.3, SHADRACK2, RICHARD1), son of DAVID P. ROBERTS and ELIZABETH PAGE, grandson of SHADRACK ROBERTS and DILLY LANDERS, was born December 05, 1833 in Milledgeville, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died September 08, 1913 in Waterloo, Cherokee County, Alabama.  He married FRANCES ADALINE OWENS February 18, 1858 in Calhoun (Benton) County, Alabama, daughter of ELI B OWENS.  She was born August 08, 1838 in Alabama, and died September 27, 1910 in Waterloo, Cherokee County, Alabama.

John L. Roberts married Frances Owens. They had five boys: Billy, Walter, Henry A., John Lindsey, Milas, and on girl, Alice. Mrs. Minnie Roberts Hurley lives in the old home place. She is a grandaughter of Samuel Bankson who married Elizabeth Webb.
Source: Cherokee County History, 1836 - 1956, Volume 1, page 54 by Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Centre, Alabama

Note: Minnie Naomia Roberts, a grand daughter of John Landers Roberts, a daughter of Henry A. Roberts and Martha Catherine Bankson, married Benjamin Franklin Hurley. Ben and Minnie Hurley are living on Cedar Bluff and Little Road in the 1930 Census, (Robert's old home place?)

In October 1855, John Landers Roberts  was a member of the Church at Antioch, Benton County, Alabama. John is mention  in the minutes of the Macedonia Baptist Association, of the Primitive faith and order, held on 13th, 14th, and 15th. The church minutes were printed in pamphlet form and a copy was kept in the Family Bible.


Unity Church, USGS Gaylesville (AL), North West of Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama
Township 9, Range 10 Section 6, seven miles northwest of Cedar Bluff
Unity Cemetery 34.275ºN 85.624ºW

Unity Cemetery at Unity Missionary Baptist Church, on County Road 82, off of CR 75, North of Hurley, Cherokee County, Alabama.

I touch map Coordinates:
Latitude: 34.27677162919957
Longitude: -85.625821352005
Coordinate / Degrees / Minutes / Seconds
Latitude / 34  /16  / 36.3792
Longitude / 185 / 37 / 32.9556


" I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"


Alabama Deaths, 1908-59
Name Death Date Death County Volume Certificate Role
John L Roberts 09 Sep 1913 Cherokee 4 347 1 L 

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