Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
Oct 1835 2
Bledsoe County, TN 2
04 Apr 1922 2
Evansville, TN 2

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Personal Details

Leander Mathis 1
Age: 27 1
Oct 1835 2
Bledsoe County, TN 2
04 Apr 1922 2
Evansville, TN 2

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
1864 1
Military Unit:
Fourth Cavalry 1
Tennessee 1

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  1. Civil War Soldiers - Union - TN [See image]
  2. Contributed by frostyfroggers



This list is compiled from various sources and lists men who enlisted from or were living in Bledsoe County at the time the 1890 veteran census was taken. The list is excerpted from Elizabeth Robnett's History of Bledsoe County. The men listed as members of the Tuloss Rangers are not included here.

James Acuff, Thomas Agee, James F. Anderson, William Angel.

Edward Baggett, Andrew J. Bedwell, John P. Bennett, G. T. Blankenship, Thomas F. Blaylock Andrew Bowman, Daniel Bowman, Elijah Bowman, Pleasant B. Brewer, William B. Brewer, Michael W. Brock, Joseph Brown, Reuban H. Brown, James A. Bunch, Thomas Burdett, John W. Byerly.

Greer Campbell, Washington C. Campbell, Zimriah Card, Goodwin Carlton, Henry Cartwright, James Clark, Henry Close, Wiley M. Colvard, Johnathan Crawford.

James M. Davis, William S. Davis, John W. DeBord, Benjamin Duke, William H. Dye.

Thomas Edmondson, Alexander Evans, William Evitt.

Charles Ferguson, James Ferguson, Daniel Foley, Ephraim Foster, John W. Francis, Nicholas P. Frazier, Bird Freeman, James. W. Freeman.

James Gentry, Jesse Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Daniel Graham, John B. Graham, William Graham, William R. Graham, Henry Clay Greer, Charles Gross.

Issac Hale, James Hale, Joseph Hankins, Thomas Hale, John B. Haley, James C. Harvey, Benjamin F. Harwood, James C. Heard, Joel B. Hembree, James W. Hendon, Bird Henderson, Jasper Henderson, Robert Henderson, James F. Henry, Marion Hixson, James M. Hixson, John B. Hixson, Josiah Hixson, Newton Hixson, George W. Hixson, William A. Hixson, William Carol Hixson, James L. Hoge, Lemuel Hoge, Preston Hoge, William H. Holland, David Holland, William B. Houston, James L. Hutcheson, J W Hyder.

Hezekiah James, Daniel Johnson, William Johnson, William A. Jordan, Jacob Keedy, William Keedy, James J. Kelly, William H. Kimber, Abram T. King, LaFayette Kirby, Frank M. Knight.

James Lawson, Jesse Lawson , John W. Lawson, Tyne Lawson, Benjamin F. Lee, Benjamin F. Lloyd.

Samuel W. Manning, Lee Mathis, Jesse W. McDowell, Jessee J. McDowell, T. A. McCully, George McDaniel, Green McDaniel, John McDaniel, William McDaniel, Daniel McWilliams, Peter Mercer, Calvin Milican, Samuel Miller, John Mitts, Calvin Mooneyham, Owen Mooneyham, Thomas C. Morgan, Z. M. Morris.

R. M. Narramore, Andrew J. Northrup.

Daniel Olinger

Aaron Parker, James Parham, John A. Patton, Andrew Payne, Alfred Pemberton, John Pierce, Isaac Pollard, John T. Pope, William R. Pope, James Putnam.

Michael Real, Charles Real, Peter Real, James L. Rigsby, John Rigsby, Daniel Rollins, H. C. Roberson, James Roberson, William J. Rains, John Rogers, James A. Ross, John Russell.

Felix Scales, James Seals Jr., Jesse Segraves, Adam J. Shoemaker, J.W. Sharp, Andrew Simmons, John Simmons, James Simmons, Monroe Simmons, William T. Simmons, James L. Stephens, Isaac George Stephens, Ephraim Skiles, George Skiles, John Skiles, James T. Slater, Isaac N. Smith, John Smith, McKinley Smith, Benjamin Smith, Sam M. Smith, Thomas Smith, Andrew Soloman, Ely Southerland, A. J. Standefer, Perry Stepp, John Stewart, Robert Stewart, John S. Stinnet, Patrick Stone, Thomas Sutherland, Alfred K. Swafford, John B. Swafford, John Swafford, John L. Swafford, James Swafford, John P. Swafford, Sam Swafford, Lt. Sam Swafford, William Swafford, William B. Swafford, George Sweat.


James Tandy, John J. Teeters, Charles Thurman, Isaac N. Thurman, William A. Thurman, John B. Turner, Soloman Turner, Van Thurman.

David H. Walker, Howard Walker, Stephen Walker, Johnathan Ward, John G. Werner, William Ziegler.

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