Thomas E Williamson

Thomas E Williamson

Civil War (Union) · US Army

A Civil War Veteran

    Veteran of the Civil War

    Source: Excerpt from Fulton Co., IL Heritage Book: "The first of theWilliams family to come to Fulton County, so far as we know, was EdwardThomas Williamson. He was the son of John Williamson, who emigrated fromSweden to Wales and from Wales to the United States, settling in Ohio.From Ohio he joined the Westward movement and came to Montgomery County,IL. Here on Aug 6, 1842, he married Mrs. Rhody Bradford, a widow. Recordsindicate that Mrs. Bradford had a son, Thomas Bradford by her firsthusband. This son would therefore have been a half-brother of EdwardThomas Williamson, born Oct 15, 1844, the son of her second husband, JohnWilliamson.

    Edward Thomas was left an orphan, both parents having died while he wasquite young. The Gwinn family with whom he had been staying moved toIndiana and on Aug 29, 1861, he joined Company K of the 34th IndianaInfantry as a volunteer in the Civil War at the ageof 16. First he servedas a drummer boy, but later became an infantryman. In 1862, while servingon a detail near Helena, Arkansas, he was shot through the upper part ofthe left thigh, causing an injury, the effect of which remained with himfor the duration of his life. After recuperating in a St. Louishospital,he rejoined the army and served until the end of the conflict.Following discharge, he lived for a year and a half in Jalopa, Indianaand then moved to Greenville, Bond County, IL, where he worked as acarpenter 2 1/2 years.

    In themeantime his half-brother Thomas Bradford, whom we mentionedpreviously, had moved to Fulton Co., IL. This may have been due to thefact that the Bayless family, a friend of the Williamsons, while inWales, had already moved here in theforties. Both of the half brotherswere carpenters and Bradford wrote, advising Edward Thomas to come toFulton County, as there was plenty of carpentry workavailable here.Edward came and settled on a farm near Cuba, where he remainedfor therest of his life, with the exception of a short stay in River Sioux,Iowa.

    On March 9, 1871, he married Phoebe D. Bayless, and to this unioneightchildren were born. He passed away March 21, 1902 and is buried inthe SinnettChapelCemetery, Fulton Co., IL."