Kennedy Bailey

Kennedy Bailey

War of 1812 · US Army

Kennedy William Bailey (1793 - 1859) Pleasant Grove, Pickens, Alabama

  • Pleasant Grove, Pickens County, Alabama


KENNEDY "KENNERDY/CANADA" WILLIAM (KW)6 BAILEY  (WILLIAM FLEMING SR.5, JAMES4, JOHN II3, JOHN I2, STEPHEN1), the son of WILLIAM FLEMING BAILEY and MOLLEY SPRUNT, was born October 03, 1793 in Lancaster District, South Carolina, and died February 27, 1859 in Pleasant Grove, Pickens County, Alabama.

He married MARY POLLY ANN PERRY May 09, 1812 in Kershaw District, South Carolina, daughter of GEORGE M. PERRY.  She was born June 03, 1797 in Lancaster County, South Carolina, and died July 07, 1885 in Aliceville, Pickens County, Alabama.

Kennerdy William "K.W." Bailey served, for 6 months, as a musician (one step above private) in the Captain James Douglas Company, Colonel Adam McWillie's 2nd Regiment of the South Carolina Militia, in the War of 1812.  That year, at 19 years of age, K.W. Bailey married Mary Ann Perry, daughter of George Perry  on 9 May 1812 in Kershaw District, S.C.  The Baileys moved to Alabama after September 23, 1833.

A deed was recorded in 1838, Old Deed Book, N pages 245-248, as follows:

Kennedy W. Bailey to Raleigh Hammond, Sr.- 200 acres of land belonging to Wm. Bailey, deceased, on Cedar Creek.  Witnesses to this deed were Jasen Clark, Sam'L. B. Hammond and Jacob Hughes.  The Dower was signed by Mary Bailey.
     The Baileys resided in Benevola and then Pleasant Grove, both towns in Pickens County, Alabama.  The Tuscaloosa County line, Green County line, and Pickens County Line (which intersect near Benevola) have shifted several times over the past hundred years.
     K.W. Bailey obtained land in Pleasant Grove Pickens County through the Land Office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on 11 December 1851.  K.W. was entitled land through the Military Bounty Land Act of 28 September 1850 for his service in the War of 1812.  K.W. obtained 80 acres of land, Military Bounty Land Warrant Number 20162.
     Kennerdy William and Mary Ann Perry are buried in an old Baptist Cemetery (now named Mitchell Cemetery) at Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

Benevola Road (County Rd 63)
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 33.13360, Longitude: -87.93170

Find A Grave Memorial# 12127601

Inscriptions on K.W.'s tombstone read:
"Sacred to the memory of K.W. Bailey born in Lancaster District, South Carolina Oct. 3, 1793 died Feb. 27, 1859"

Affidavit in behalf of widow, Mary Perry Bailey for KW's Pension by brother-in-law, David Ballard and his wife Martha Ann Perry.

  • ?Carrolton, Pickens, Alabama

General Affidavit
State of Alabama
County of Pickens
In the matter of Mary Bailey, widow of Kennedy Bailey, died Soldier of the War 1812 - 15, whom we are informed is an applicant for a pension.

Pe rsonally came before me W H Platt a Justice of the Peace in and for said County & State. David Ballard aged 86 years and Martha A Ballard his wife Age 70 years, Citizens of the County of Pickens State of Alabama, Reputable, and entitled to credit who being duly sworn declare in relation to aforesaid base as follows, The said David Ballard, resides near Gordo in said County and has so resided since 1831 and has known personally the claimant Mary Bailey since that time and for many years before in Kershaw District, South Carolina, that he is a brother-in-law of said Mary Bailey having married her sister the before named Martha Ann, that he knew Kennedy Bailey in his lifetime in South Carolina until 1831, and afterwards in Pickens County, Alabama. Affiant states that he was a Soldier of the War of 1812 - 15, and is now a Pensioner and that Kennedy Bailey was a soldier in the same Regiment, but in a different Company to wit Capt Douglas Company. That the said Mary Bailey claimant was married to said Kennedy Bailey with a few months after the War closed, but affiant was not present at the marriage, but swears that he knew Mary Bailey and Kennedy Bailey to cohabit and live together as husband and wife from the time of their marriage until the death of the said Kennedy Bailey who died in 1857 0r 1858 affiant believes, and raised a large family of children, and that they were during said times, reputed to be and were husband & wife, and that she is the person she represents herself to be. And Martha A Ballard states in oath that she is a sister of claimant, and was present in Kershaw District South Carolina, at the marriage of her said sister Mary Bailey and Kennedy Bailey. She was younger than her sister Bailey, but recollects when they were married and was an eye witness to the marriage that she has known them ever since until the death of the said Kennedy Bailey to cohabit and live together as husband & wife and they had a large family of children the result of said marriage and cohabitation. In 1831 as will as affiant recollects, she removed to Alabama Pickens County and her sister Mary Bailey husband migrated to the same County and State in 1832 or 1833, as will as she now recollects, and affiant has resided within ten miles of her said sister since she came to Alabama, and she knows she is the widow of the said Bailey a Soldier of the War of 1812 - 15, and the very person she represents herself to be, and we further declare that we have no interest in said case and not concerned in to prosecution, but are the sister and brother-in-law of claimant.

{Signed} David Ballard
{Signed} Martha Ballard {her mark}

Attes t S E Wier

Sw orn to & Subscribed before me this day, by the above named affiants and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiants, and acquainted them with its contents before they executed the same, I further certify that I am in no wise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution, and that said affiants are personally know to me, that they are credible persons and so reputed in the community, in which they reside.
Witness my hand and seal, this August 9, AD, 1879

{Signed} W H Platt
Justice of the Peace