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Full Name:
Cyrus Alexander Allen 1
14 Nov 1844 1
Mecklenburg County, N.C. 1
26 Apr 1910 1
Gastonia, N.C. 1
E. Mary Robinson 1
1875 1
Mecklenburg Co., N.C. 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Private 1
Service Start Date:
01 Mar 1863 1
Service End Date:
June 1865 1
Enlistment Date:
01 Mar 1863 1

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Battle of Gettysburg

gettysburg, pa

Cyrus Allen and his brother Harvey both fought in the Battle of Gettysburg as a part of the same unit: Company A, N.C. 11th Infantry Regiment.  On July 3, 1863, Harvey was wounded in the right arm. 


North Carolina Standard Raleigh August 5, 1863 11th N.C. Regiment This gallant regiment certainly one of the finest in the South, was terribly torn to pieces at Gettysburg. Col. Leaventhorpe was wounded and fell into the hands of the enemy. Lt. Col. Morten was absent on business at the time of the fight. Major Ross was killed. Capt. Armfield, the senior captain, was wounded and fell into the hands of the enemy. Capt. Bird, the next highest, commanded the regiment on the 3rd day’s fight. We understand that he acquitted himself with honor. While others lost their colors, he brought off those of his regiment with his own hands. His clothes were struck with balls in several places and his thigh grazed with a ball although he reports himself not hurt. He received after the fight the highest commendation from General Pettigrew. Every commissioned officer of his company who was present was killed. 400 men of Leaventhorpe’s regiment were lost in that fearful struggle. What a terrible slaughter of some of the best men in the state.

Imprisoned at Fort Delaware

Fort Delaware, Delaware

He was imprisoned at Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island, in the Delaware River

Fort Delaware, Delaware

Page 22

Captured in Petersburg, Va., imprisoned at Fort Delaware (for 2nd time) April 4, 1865

Enlisted Co. A, NC 11th Infantry

Charlotte, N.C.

Enlisted Company A, North Carolina 11th Regiment

Admitted General Hospital, Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Admitted General Hospital #9, Richmond Va., april 11, 1864. Transferred to Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Va., April 12, 1864

Richmond, VA

Page 29

Jackson Hospital, Richmond, VA. Admitted for "Int Febris" (intestinal fever?).

The 11th Infantry had been involved in action on April 2 around Petersburg

Fort Delaware, Delaware

Cyrus Allen Civil War Parole.JPG

Declared oath of allegiance to the Union at Ft. Delaware, June 19, 1865

Fought in High Point, NC

High Point, N.C.

Page 18

Fought on 3 Jan 1864 at High Point, NC

Fought in Plymouth, NC

Plymouth, NC

Page 18

Fought in Plymouth, N.C. Jan. 27, 1864

Fought in North Anna River, VA

North Anna River, VA

Page 18

Fought on 24 Feb 1864 in North Anna River, VA


Home Sick Sept-Oct 1864

Mecklenburg County, NC

Page 16

Home sick, Mecklenburg County, NC Sept-Oct 1864

Home sick leave May-June 1864

Mecklenburg County, NC

Page 14

At home (Charlotte, NC) on sick furlough

Fought at Blount's Creek, NC 18 April 1863

Blount's Creek, NC

Fought on 18 Apr 1863 at Blount's Creek, NC

Fought at Mine Run, VA 27 November 1863

Mine Run, VA

Page 10

Fought on 27 Nov 1863 at Mine Run, VA


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