Conflict Period:
World War II 1
1920 1

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Bennie Quinton 1
1920 1

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  1. Contributed by marciaq7of9975


Medford MA

postmark: Nov 13? 2:36pm 1942, Watertown NY


Bennie Quinton A.S.N. 20828226

United States Army

Co C 180th Inf.

APO 45 c/o Postmaster

New York New York


Mr Sandy Quinton

43 Lila Avenue

Medfort [Medford] Mass


Dear Quintons,

I hope u & the rest had a good time on the night of your birthday. I am sorry I couldn't stay for that all around get together by the rest of Quintons, but u must tell all the rest I said hello for instance Ruth, Mrs. Russell, Mary, Eve, Roy & especially that jolly woman Mrs. Russell. I can just see her laughing & picking a argument with someone. That is one woman I can never forget. She is too jolly.

Well tell Sandy I began to think I am next to North Pole, because it sure has been snowing ever since I got here. I hope u don't have any weather like I have because I can't tell when I am warm. I am going to take some pictures of myself up here & I will try & send enough for everyone I hope.

I want u to do something for me & that is get a girls address for me & find out her last name for me. I hope you will. She told me her address once & also her last name but I forget so easy I sometimes think I should analyze myself. Her phone number is EVE2119W & her first name is Helen. If she isn't there when u call, her sis will probly be there & ask her for the address, & send it to me please. Well I hope to hear from everyone at least your bunch & don't forget that girl Helen address.


Sgt Bennie Quinton


1940 WWII Enlistment QUINTON Bennie b1920

enlisted 16 September, Chilocco AdairCo OK


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