Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Army 1

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Jonathan Birge 1

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1
Sage's Regiment 1
Connecticut 1

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Long Walk Home

Capt. Jonathan Birge fought in the Battle of White Plains in New York.  On 28 October, 1776, he was mortally wounded.   He was granted permission to get home to Bolton, CT. as best he could. It was a trek of 104 miles.

In spite of what must have been excruciating pain, Jonathan was determined to get home to his wife and children.  He struggled along the road crowded with many other bleeding and dying soldiers.  Jonathan's wife was probably aware aware of the battle at White Plains, and that her husband had been in the thick of it.  And so, she waited.

Jonathan struggled for 15 miles, but on 10 November, 1776 he died on the road, close to Stamford, CT. still far from home.   He was buried on the side of the road where he fell, in an unmarked grave.

How long did Capt. Birge's wife wait to hear the sound of her weary husband coming home?  How long did she stand in the road, searching for some sign of her love?  When did she finally learn of his death?

Capt. Birge was in his early 40s when he gave his life for the dream of independence for his family and countrymen.  And his story is but one of many.

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