Private in Co. G, 129th IL INF

1838 1
Fountain County, Indiana 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Stephen Henes 1
Also known as:
Stephen Hinds 1
1838 1
Fountain County, Indiana 1
Male 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 10" 1
Eye Color: gray 1
Hair Color: brown 1
farmer 1

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  1. Contributed by COG129ILINF


Illinois Civil War Detail Report Name: HENES, STEPHEN; Rank: PVT; Company: G; Unit: 129 IL US INF Personal Characteristics Residence: NEWTOWN, LIVINGSTON CO, IL Age: 24; Height: 5' 10; Hair: BROWN; Eyes: GRAY Complexion: DARK; Marital Status: SINGLE Occupation: FARMER; Nativity: VAN BUREN, FOUNTAIN CO, IN Service Record; Joined When: AUG 11, 1862 Joined Where: PONTIAC, IL; Joined By Whom: A J CROPSY Period: 3 YRS; Muster In: SEP 8, 1862; Muster In Where: PONTIAC, IL Muster Out: JUN 28, 1865; Muster Out Where: LOUISVILLE, KY Muster Out By Whom: CPT SMITH; Remarks: WOUNDED JUN 22, 1864 ABSENT IN HOSPITAL AT LOUISVILLE KY

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