Clarence Joseph Boudreaux a resident of Baton Rouge La, served in WW2 as a Merchant Marine . Clarence sailed on many ships as both A.B. (able bodied seaman) and later as a Bos'n. It was family history that he also was rescued at sea twice, yet these stories were very private and painful to recant, so which we don't know . Clarence passed away in 1955 leaving behind a wife and two small children . His legacy like so many others, ends there,leaving many questions. Some of his ships were S.S "Cacique", S.S Sieur De Lasalle,, The Rio Mendoza . and the Carl Zachary Webb Currently we (his son and granddaughter) are gathering info so that Clarence can receive Service medals he earned so long ago, and also so that we can know who Clarence really was . Anyone having information of his service in the Merchant Marines , please leave your comments . It means so much to the little boy he left behind , now almost seventy , and the granddaughter who never knew him .


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