Corporal in Co. G, 129th IL INF

07 Dec 1838 1
Litchfield, Connecticut 1
17 Dec 1909 1
Dawson County, Nebraska 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
George Hopkins Blakeslee 1
Also known as:
George Blakesly 1
07 Dec 1838 1
Litchfield, Connecticut 1
Male 1
17 Dec 1909 1
Dawson County, Nebraska 1
Physical Description:
Height: 6 foot 1
Eye Color: hazel 1
Hair Color: brown 1
Place: Livingston County, Illinois 1
From: 1856 1
To: 1878 1
Place: Dawson County, Nebraska 1
From: 1885 1
To: 1909 1
Martha Wright 1
09 May 1858 1
Livingston County, Illinois 1
Spouse Death Date: 1927 1

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From the 1878 history of Livingston County: "G. H. BLAKESLEE, farmer and breeder of fine stock ; P. 0. Blackstone, was born in Litchfield Co., Conn. ; came with his parents to this State in 1856 ; he now owns 205 acres of land, valued at $12,000. Was married May 9, 1858, to, Miss Martha J. Wright ; she was born in Philadelphia, Feb. 5, 1840 ; they have had eight children, seven of whom are now living — Charles H., Herbert C, Nicy A., Maggie E., Orra, George B., Alvra T., Walter S.; Orra, deceased. Mr, Blakeslee was a soldier in the late re- bellion, having enlisted in the 129th I. V., Aug. 9, 1862, and served nearly three years; was wounded at Kenesaw, in the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Ga.; when recovered, was on duty with General Dodge, Headquarters Department of the Missouri; was discharged with honor, in February, 1865, and has since that time been successfully engaged in farming and stock raising. Also within the same time he has hold the following public offices : Town Clerk, eleven years ; Collector, two years : and Town Treasurer, ten years."

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