Sergeant of Co. G, 129 IL INF; Mayor of Pontiac, IL

04 Oct 1838 1
Berlin, Germany 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Augustus F Fisher 1
04 Oct 1838 1
Berlin, Germany 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 8" 1
Eye Color: blue 1
Hair Color: brown 1
Place: Denver, Colorado 1
From: 1910 1
Place: Pontiac, Livingston County, IL 1
From: 1858 1
To: 1879 1
Place: Chicago, Illinois 1
From: 1855 1
To: 1857 1
Place: Germany 1
From: 1838 1
To: 1855 1
Matilda M Rollins 1
22 Dec 1860 1
McLean County, IL 1
Josephine Schneider 1
18 Apr 1878 1
Livingston County, IL 1

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  1. Contributed by COG129ILINF


From the 1878 History of Livingston County, IL "A. F. FISHER, capitalist, Pontiac; was born near the City of Berlin, Prussia Oct. 4, 1838; He came to the United States in 1855, and spent three years with an older brother in Chicago, where he learned the trade of a carriage maker, and then was employed by his brother in the lumber business until he came to Pontiac, in 1858 ; he entered the employ of Wm. Ellis, in the lumber business, and continued with him until 1862, when he enlisted in the 129th I. V. I., Co. G, and serving until 1865, when he was mustered out with his regiment; he served in the Army of the Cumberland, and was with Sherman from Chattanooga to Atlanta ; he took part in most of the battles in the Atlanta campaign, and after ward served in the famous march through the Carolinas. On his return from the war, he engaged in the lumber business for himself, and did a successful business for over twelve years, building up a trade second to none in the State, outside of Chicago ; during the last three years of his business, he sold about four million feet of lumber annually ; in Aug., 1877, he sold his business to Mitchell & Keck, and is now engaged in looking after his investments, loaning money, etc. ; he has always been an enterprising business man, and a public-spirited citizen, and in recognition of his merits, he was elected Mayor of the city in 1877 ; he has also served three terms as a member of the Board of Aldermen.

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