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Company G, 129th Illinois Infantry


Members of this unit organized in Livingston County Illinois will slowly be added to this page. Please feel free to add to your soldier's information. This page is dedicated to my Great Great Grandfather Henry B. Reed the Captain of this unit. After the war he was appointed by two governors to gather Illinois Civil War battle flags and artifacts to be displayed in Memorial Hall in Springfield, IL.


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Organization Details

From: 08 Sep 1862 1
To: 08 Jun 1865 1
Name: James Stewart 1
Name: Thomas M Sillman 1
Name: Levi W Smith 1
Name: Arphad Snell 1
Name: William J St. John 1
Name: Alonzo D Sexton 1
Name: Andrew Stewart 1
Name: John P Schlax 1
Name: George W Sample 1
Name: William H Rightsell 1
Name: Eugene B Rockwell 1
Name: Matthias Ruter 1
Name: Ebenezer Perry 1
Name: Martin Pierson 1
Name: Charles N P Page 1
Name: Hugh T Pound 1
Name: Joseph J Pound 1
Name: William H Perry 1
Name: Francis Penfield 1
Name: George W Parker 1
Name: Christopher C Pearson 1
Name: Oley Oleson 1
Name: Joseph E Myers 1
Name: William Murphey 1
Name: Milo P Marble 1
Name: Samuel W McKee 1
Name: George R McFarland 1
Name: William A McCloud 1
Name: Charles McIntire 1
Name: Robert B McIntire 1
Name: Franklin Leonard 1
Name: Reuben E Laurence 1
Name: John S Lee 1
Name: Robert Kingore 1
Name: James E Jewitt 1
Name: Ralph P Jewitt 1
Name: Clarkson D Jenkins 1
Name: James S Johnson 1
Name: Christopher Hercules 1
Name: Franklin Hoobler 1
Name: Edward Hood 1
Name: Stephen Henes 1
Name: Jonathan B Helms 1
Name: William R Houchins 1
Name: Henry K Houder 1
Name: Henry Hays 1
Name: John G Harper 1
Name: John A Harper 1
Name: Daniel Houder 1
Name: John T Handley 1
Name: John F Hamilton 1
Name: David Hanna 1
Name: Rush W Graham 1
Name: James B Graham 1
Name: Clifford A Gould 1
Name: George W Frazee 1
Name: James W Freeman 1
Name: Ephraim Earp 1
Name: Samuel Dunlap 1
Name: William Dudley 1
Name: Levi N Dell 1
Name: Samuel S Campbell 1
Name: Samuel J Craycraft 1
Name: Joseph N Craycraft 1
Name: James H Cornwell 1
Name: Orlin Converse 1
Name: Alvah G Clark 1
Name: Isaiah Conn 1
Name: George W Campbell 1
Name: Amos Clark 1
Name: Daniel B Converse 1
Name: Daniel W Blake 1
Name: James E Bastion 1
Name: George W Bay 1
Name: John Bemerick 1
Name: Peter M Barslow 1
Name: David Bodly 1
Name: Henry J Boxwell 1
Name: Asa N Alden 1
Name: Samuel Anderson 1
Name: James Allen 1
Name: George C Allen 1
Name: George H Blakeslee Corporal 1
Name: James H Goff Corporal 1
Name: Douglas J Lyon Corporal 1
Name: William B Fife Corporal 1
Name: James E Morrow Corporal 1
Name: John A Fellows Corporal 1
Name: John P Lathrop Sergeant 1
Name: Richard D Folks Sergeant 1
Name: Henry C Streeter Sergeant 1
Name: Augustus F Fisher Sergeant 1
Name: John P McKnight 2nd Lieutenant 1
Name: Lemuel Morse 1st Lieutenant 1
Name: Henry B Reed Captain 1
Also known as: Company G, 129th Illinois Volunteer Infantry 1
Name: Co. G 129th Illinois Infantry 1

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