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Shot down over Burma

Bassein, Burma

On this data, B-24D heavy bomber "7-11" was shot down over Burma by Oscar fighters of hte 3rd Chutai, 64th Sentai.  This bomber was piloted by 1Lt Robert L. Kavanagh.  Aboard at the time of loss was 2Lt H Ross Garrett, bombardier.  At least 3 of the Oscars which attacked shared the kill.  Kavanagh successfully force-landed his plane in a ride paddy near Bassein, Burma.  Surviving crew members struck out for India and Allied lines.  They did not make it, but were captured several days later and taken to Rangoon City Jail/Rangoon Central Prison where they were held as POW's for the next two years.  Kavanagh and TSgt Edward Bozell died in captivity.  Garrett and others survived the war.

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