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War of 1812 Society Applications


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Discover names, dates, and relationships in membership applications submitted to the General Society of the War of 1812.

The Society is comprised of state societies which abide by the bylaws of the national organization yet function autonomously. One such autonomous organization is that of the District of Columbia whose application files are the first to be added to Fold3.

According to the website for the General Society of the War of 1812:  

The objectives of the Society are the collection and preservation of rolls, records, books, and other documents relating to the War of 1812; the encouragement of research and the preservation of historical data, including memorials to patriots of that era in our national history; the caring for the graves of veterans of the War of 1812; the cherishing, maintenance and extension of the institutions of American freedom; the fostering of true patriotism - love of country. In carrying out these objectives, the State Societies hold meetings for their members and guests at which programs relating to the War of 1812 and intelligent patriotism are presented. Over the years the membership has been fortunate in attracting gentlemen of high calibre, intelligence and gracious demeanor. The General Society and its affiliated State Societies are sensitive to the high ideals espoused by our Founding Fathers and they feel the duty that ever vigilant defense of our nation and its Constitution entails.

District of Columbia

The Society of the War of 1812 in the District of Columbia was formed in 1894 to commemorate those who fought in the War of 1812. Many members were descendants of the original Washington "Warhawks," younger congressman who pushed for going to war with Great Britain in what is often called America's Second War of Independence. The applications provide genealogical data connecting members of the society to their War of 1812 ancestor.

You can learn more about The Society of the War of 1812 in The District of Columbia on its blog, Washington Warhawks.

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Some of the applications are for descendants of soldiers with War of 1812 pension records available on Fold3. 

For example, Walter Vancion Ball (application #210), applied to the Society through his descent from Buckley Butterworth of Campbell County, Virginia. His 4-page application connects Ball to Butterworth through his father, Charles Miller Ball and his grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Butterworth, who was the granddaughter of Buckley Butterworth.

On page 3 of the application, it states that "Photocopies of Soldier's claim for Bounty Land and Auditors Report from National Archives showing B.L.Wt. 11,106 and 11,900 were issued." Ball also referenced vital records and census records, the former was reportedly "attached" to the application, but they are not part of the digitized file.

The fourth page provides additional facts "of historical interest concerning the record of ancestor or his antecedents or descendants, including service in American wars. Butterworth's great grandfather, Benjamin Clement, made gunpowder during the Revolutionary War, and three of his sons served in the Civil War.

The page concludes with Ball's personal history, including his wife's maiden name, her parents' names and the name of his daughter.

The bounty land warrants referenced by the applicant can also be found in Buckley Butterworth's War of 1812 pension file, as well as a third, #92276.

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War of 1812 Society Applications in the District of Columbia

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