Conflict Period:
World War I 1
Army 1
19 Mar 1893 1
02 Mar 1982 1

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Personal Details

Harry Melrose 1
Gender: Male 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4338 1
19 Mar 1893 1
02 Mar 1982 1
Cause: Unknown 1

World War I 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
02 Dec 1917 1
Army 1
Organization Code:
Release Date:
22 Mar 1919 1

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Harry (Harvey) Guy Melrose

Born Pagosa Springs, Archuleta county, Colorado

Harry was the only son of  James Watson Melrose and Nellie Claudia Dowell Melrose.

His early years were spent on a ranch west of Pagsoa Springs.  His mother, Nellie, died

about 1907.  James was working for the Forestry Service about 1905 and he remarried

at Pueblo, Colorado in 1908 to Allene Haines Milton.  They resided in Denver from about

1908 onwards.   James was a Federal detective during WW1.  A daughter, Frances Allene

Melrose was born in 1921.   James died in the State Hospital at Pueblo in 1945 of a stroke.

Harry served in the Army Air Corp during WW1 and was overseas in England for a time.

He married Aileene Oats of  Canon City and later divorced her.  Two children,  Harry James Edward and Alice Elizabeth Melrose.

Harry married his second wife,  Nettie Bryant, in 1937 at Pagosa Springs and they lived in Pueblo

until 1957 when he retired and they moved to live near Coaldale in the Arkansas river canon.

Harry had an auto accident and went into a nursing home and later died.  Nettie also went into a

nursing home and died in 1984.  They are buried in Union Cemetery at Florence, Colo.  They

did not have any children.

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