Conflict Period:
Other Service 1
08 Sep 1915 1
Emeigh, PA 2
25 Sep 1987 1
Santa Barbara, CA 2

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Hugh Duffy Daugherty 2
Hugh Daugherty 1
Also known as: Duffy Daugherty 2
Gender: Male 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1020 1
08 Sep 1915 1
Emeigh, PA 2
25 Sep 1987 1
Santa Barbara, CA 2
Cause: Natural 1
Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, an eternal optimist, to an overenthusiastic alumni gathering: "The troub 2

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Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, explaining his interest in music while introducing the Notre Dame glee club to an East Lansing audience: "I used to play the violin when I was younger, but one day I broke all the strings and I just didn't have the guts to play it after that."

Duffy Daugherty, Ex-Coach

Hugh D. (Duffy) Daugherty, who guided Michigan State University's football program to national prominence and two Big Ten titles in 19 years with the school, died early today in California. He was 72 years old.

Nick Vista, the university's sports information director, said Mr. Daugherty had died at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where he was hospitalized Aug. 23 with heart and kidney problems.

Mr. Daugherty came to Michigan State in 1947 as an assistant to Coach Clarence (Biggie) Munn. He replaced Mr. Munn as head coach in 1954.

During his tenure, Mr. Daugherty compiled a record of 109-69-5. His 1965 and 1966 teams went 19-1-1 and won the Big Ten title with such stars as Gene Washington, Bubba Smith and Clint Jones. Attended Syracuse University

Born Sept. 8, 1915, in Emeigh, Pa., Mr. Daugherty grew up in Barnesboro, Pa., attended Syracuse University, served in the Army during World War II, and returned to Syracuse as a coach before coming to Michigan State in 1947.

Mr. Daugherty was a line coach at Syracuse under Mr. Munn in 1946 and came to Michigan State with him on Jan. 1, 1947. Mr. Daugherty guided the lines that earned the nickname Duffy's Toughies when the Munn teams went 54-9-2.

Mr. Daugherty played three seasons at Syracuse and was captain of the team in 1939 when he was a senior. From Syracuse, Mr. Daugherty went to the Army, advancing from private to major and winning the Bronze Star.


Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, after a day at Santa Anita racetrack: "The only place where windows clean people."

Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach: "Our grants-in-aid are awarded for academic achievement and need. By academic achievement—if he can read and write. By need—well, we don't take a boy unless we need him."

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