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State of Missouri -
County of Callaway on this twentyeth day of May in the year eighteen hundred and thirty three personally came and appeared in open court before the County Court of Callaway County aforesaid now Sitting. James Van Bibber a resident of Nine Mile prarie Township in the County of Callaway aforesaid in the state of Mifouri aged Sixty six years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the beniefit of the Act of Congress dated June 7, 1832 - that he was born in he believes Halifax County Virginia, and before he can recollect removed with his father to a settlement in the Same State on Greenbriar River about one hundred and eighty miles from the mouth of the great Kanawa that he remained there for many years, that whilst he was living there he thinks in '81 the Shawnees and Mingo's having proposed to Col Thomas Lewis who commanded at the Mouth of the Kanawa to go over to Scioto Salt licks and meet them there in order to treat of peace, Col Lewis having accepted the proposal was proceeding thither with Several of his men where they were attacked by a party of the same tribes of indians at a place called Raccon Creek west of the Ohio and several of his men were Killed and himself taken prisoner, those who succeded in escaping having reported the capture of Col Lewis as soon as it was Known at the Settlements on Greenbriar a party of volunteer militia was raised in which this applicant was enrolled which under the Command of Captain John Vanbibber marched with the intention of rescuing Col Lewis who had Succeded whilst a prosoner in making a sort of treaty with his captors and the ballance of their tribe by who he had been released, the company after a considerable absence finding the object of their expedition obviated returned to greenbriar - this was in the year '81 - and it was probably some two years after this, the same tribes having again broken out into hostilities against the whites, this applicant together with the family having moved down to the Mouth of Kanawa he together with one of this cousins one day went out in Search of horses which were belled and hobbled at some distance from their habitation after searching for some time in the woods they heard the bells and going in the direction of the sound they supposed they had marched within ten paces of their horses when they sere fired upon by two indians and a french man in the guise of an inidan, who had found their horses and having taken off the hobbles and bells rang the bells in order to decoy whomsoever might go out in Search of the horses - the cousin of the appplicant was immediately killed but he himself having been missed succeded in making his escape to the fort.

In October '85 two of the brothers of this appplicant having gone out from the fort for the purpose of bringing in a bear that had been Killed were fired upon by the Indians, one of whom was left for dead and the other taken prisoner by the indians who after remaining in captivity abaout 11 months Succeded in making his escape and got into the Settlement -

The Country about the Mouth of the Kanawa being exposed to continual incurssions of the indians it became necessary to establish a regular System of defence which would protect the inhabitants from surprise and enable them to attend to the cultivation of their fields with some degree of security Accordingly a Company of the militia was ordered to be raised to be Kept in Service as rangers, scouts, spies. & during all that part of the year which is favorable to Indian Inroads Captain Leonard Cooper commanded that company and this applicant entered it as a volunteer at first when the company commenced operations in February '87 and was continually engaged in active, dangerous, and hard service until the following autumn about the last of November In this company my brother was a Liutenant and I was ensign - in the following Spring '88 I entered as a volunteer in the company commanded by Capt. Hugh Caperton - James Kelly Lieut ensign not reollected - we were out again in February and continued scouting, and occasionally skirmishing with the Indians until in Nov. of the same year - we were engaged all the time in active service affording protection to the Settlements and persuing when necefsary band of depredating indians - The following year '89 I again went out as a volunteer in the same service under the command of Capt. Moses Mann James Van Bibber & Lieut Morrice Reynolds Ensign and continued in it from February until November - I cannot say what was the number of days or months I served in there those campaigns but I very well recollect that I was paid by the genl govt. as I supposed, for 27 months service and therefore believe I must have served that length of time - If I ever rec'd a discharge in writing I have forgotten it - Col Lewis who resided at the Mouth of the Kanawa and had the Military Command of those Settlements was the only general officer with whom I was at all acquainted, the three companies in which I served were all subject to his orders.

I was born in the year 1766 on the 8th of May but have no record of my age

I am known to several persons as having seved as I mention, my Cousin Isaac Vanbibber who I expected to see here to day knows it perfectly well and Thomas Harrison Senr. Who is here present either knows it of his own knowledge or has had such undoubted evidence from the statements of other as is tantamount to actual knowledge - I am known to many other persons in ths county for I have lived here many years and have served as a spy in this country during the last war under the command of Genl Howard -

I have never before applied for a pension nor is my name on the pension roll of the agency of any State or of the United States - and I do hereby renounce all claim to pay or pension for revolutionary services except what may be granted me under the law of 7th of June Last -

I am well known to William Coates who has been a preacher of the gospel for many years in the country - I left Kentucky in 1803 and came to this country and have lived for the last fifteen years in this county - I am also well known to old Mr. Litton who is here present - I had a commission as ensign in one of the campaigns I have mentioned signed by a governor of Virginia but I have examined my papers for it and can not find it now - I suppose it is lost - I think it was in '95 that I removed from the mouth of Kanawa to Kentucky.

[signed] James Vanbibber
Sworn to and subscribed in open Court befor me Clerk of the Callaway County Court this 20th Day of May AD 1833 Jarvice [?] O. Hockaday Clerk

We William Coats - a clergyman, residing in the County of Calaway and Jeffry Litton and Nathan Kouns residing in the same county hereby cerfify that we are well aquainted James Vanbibber who has Subscribed and Swourn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be in the Sixty Seveth year of his age; that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have served as he states and that we concur in that opinion

[signed] William Coats Jeffery Litten Nathan Kouns.
Sworn and subscribed befor the clerk of the Callaway County Court in Open Court this 20th Day of May AD 1833 J. O Hockaday Clerk

[This pension was rejected by the War Department, Ed.]

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