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    Isaac VanBibber and Hester Op den Graeff
    Jacob Isaacs VanBibber and Christinia ___________
    Isaac Jacobs VanBibber and Frances Schumacher
    Peter VanBibber and Anna ____________
    John VanBibber and Chloe Staniford
    Margery VanBibber and Andrew Donnally Jr.

    Colonel Andrew Donnally, Jr. was born in Donnally Fort October 17, 1778, and
    died in Kanawha County June 21, 1849. He was a Major in 1802 and Colonel in
    1804, and in 1805 was a trustee of the town of Charleston. He was clerk of
    the court for many years, justice and sheriff, and represented Kanawha County
    in the general assembly in 1836 and 1840. He was a large landholder, as well
    as his father, and was one of the pioneer salt manufacturers. The firm of
    Ruffner and Donnally at one time practically controlled the salt business of
    the Kanawha Valley. The first steamboat to ascend the Kanawha as far as
    Charleston was built for Colonel Donnally and Samuel Henderson, his cousin,
    inaugurated a Charleston-Cincinnati packet service with the steamboat "Fairy
    Queen." Colonel Andrew Donnally, Jr. lived most of his life on the homeplace
    on the south side of the Kanawha river, but about 1830 he built and occupied
    for a time the brick house which is still standing at the corner of Kanawah
    and Broad streets in Charleston. He is buried in the old Donnally burying
    ground in Kanawha City. On May 31, 1802, he married Marjorie Van Bibber (1781

    • 1850), daughter of Captain John Van Bibber and his wife, Chloe Staniford.
      They had besides four children who died in childhood, nine children, Chloe,
      Caroline, VanBibber, Dryden, Jane, Andrew F., John J., William and Lewis Fry.

    Chloe Donnally, born September 21, 1805 died April 7, 1830, married Henry Fry,
    great grandson of Colonel Joshua Fry. They had two children, Marjery Jane Fry
    who married Alvin Goshorn. Their living descendants are Harry Snyder of
    Charleston, Alban Snyder of Washington, and Rear Admiral C.P. Snyder USN.
    Philip Fry married Emily F. Reynolds and had Charles Fry and Kate Fry.

    Caroline Donnally, born September 10, 1807, died July 6, 1839, married Colonel
    John Lewis, grandson of General Andrew Lewis. They had three sons, Andrew,
    James, and John. Their daughter Marjery Lewis married first, Edward Kenna by
    whom she had a son, Senator John E. Kenna, and two daughters, and married
    second Richard Ashby, and had a son Walter Ashby.

    Van Bibber Donnally born August 19, 1800 died in Mason county May 10, 1882,
    married Mary Waggoner, October 2, 1832. They had ten children of whom the
    following arrived at maturity. Ellen Donnally married Hamilton Morris and had
    a son Hamilton Morris, Jr., who married Margaret Bibby. Andrew Van Donnally
    who married Hannah English and had five daughters. Nina married Frank
    Cornwell, Mary married T.A. Draper, Anna married Forrest Wash, Juliet married
    Herbert Wood, and Flora married Henry Brawley. Cornelia Donnally married
    Henry Cushman. Charles Donnally moved to Louisa county, Virginia, and married
    Bertie Porter and had a son Jessie Donnally and two daughters Mary and Gay.
    Belle Donnally was unmarried, Emma Donnally. William Boyd Donnally born 1851,
    married Sally Ashton Cotton, 1881, and had the following children: Sadie
    Donnally died 1932, married Lester L. Sheets, and had three children, Donnally
    Sheets, William Sheets, and Dorothy Sheets; John Cotton Donnally of
    Washington, D.C. married Mary Annetta Myers and had Mary Annetta Donnally and
    Henrietta Lee Donnally; Boyd Donnally married Charlie Littlepage; Henry F.
    Donnally married Erdena McGraw and had Sally Ashton Donnally and Henry
    Fitzhugh Donnally, Jr., Fitzhugh Donnally married Ruth Turner and had Fitzhugh
    Donnally and Andrew VanBibber Donnally; VanBibber Donnally, Dorothy Donnally
    married Robert E.L. Ruffner; Robert Donnally married Isabel Smiley and had
    Robert Donnally, Jr.

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