Peter VanBibber, Jr. and Marguery Bounds
Jacob VanBibber and Sarah Miller
Soloman H. VanBibber and Mary Jane Bryson
Ezekial VanBibber and Rebecca Jane Clowers
James Albert VanBibber and Zillah Zenora Warren

Jan. 7 - I went to Idabel today and bought 3 dress patterns $1.15, 2 pair shoes $3.45 and nuts $ .10. The train fare was $1.16.
Jan. 20 - It sure is cold and I am most sick. I read the Bible all evening and prayed.
Feb. 11- I corded bats and put in a quilt today. I quilted with Mother.
Mar. 5 - Washed 228 pieces today.
Mar. 13 - The ground is white with snow - 7 inches deep.
April 30 - We went to Arkansas to pick strawberries.
May 19 - We cleaned peanuts and worked on rag rugs.
June 2 - We chopped cotten and worked in garden.
June 20 - I ironed, hoed cane and canned berries and plumbs.
June 28 - The children picked berries, I mended and canned cucumbers.
July 16 - I made jelly, canned cucumbers and starched clothes.
July 18 - I made soap in the morning and tacked a matress in evening.
July 21 - My hand is awful sore today. I read as I couldn't do anything but hold my hand.
Aug. 1 - We went to graveyard and cleaned our people's grave.
Aug. 13 - I washed clothes-cooked apple preserves and went to a church revival.
Aug. 20 - Went to a Baptizing this morning, the preacher taken dinner with us.
Sept. 30 - Picked cotton, peas and peanuts.
Oct. 30 - I put the floor in the stable and hauled corn home.
Nov. 4 - I quilted in the morning and voted in the evening.
Nov. 26 - I taken subscription for the Curtis Publishing Co.
Dec. 5 - Started a new addition to the hen house, then washed clothes.
Dec. 9 - We killed our hog.
Dec. 11 - I rendered lard and made sausage.
Dec. 18 - I went to America and Moon Oklahoma and bought Christmas things.
Dec 24 - We cooked, cleaned house, decorated and went to Christmas Tree, scrubed kitchen and had dinner. I went to see a friend whose husband died Dec. 21.
Dec. 26 - We built our cow shed.

Income for year.

Washing - $11.25
Cotton - $50.00
Picking cotton - $31.70
Work in office - $4.00
Greens sold - $.35
Eggs - $10.80

Total was $128.10 which I spent on Christmas Gifts.

9-20-1925 Bokoma, Ok. Dear children picking and hoeing are the children's and my side line. The present price of cotten is about 135 on bale seed, and it looks like we will get about 9 bales. I have not been in the fields in a week. I had rather pick cotten then to do a big washing.  
9-15-1927 Bokoma, Ok. Dearest children, well sweet girl, I am so sorry we can't be closer together but I have not lost hope that we will live closer together someday. I have throat trouble and the doctor says it will take about a year to cure it. When I went to the oven some mornings I could not cook for an hour account of hard breathing. I can hardly stand to be so far away from you. I am missing so many happy hours, but we all have a mission here on earth and if this is mine, I pray God will help me do it well.  
2-6-1930 Sweetwater, Tx. Dear daughter, well you are about to have another birthday and I am too poor to send you a present, but I think of you and pray for you. I have pieced 3 string quilts and am piecing another and I think I will have have enough strings for 3 more.  
4-8-1930 Sweetwater, Tx. Dear children, I feel well most of the time, but oh so weak I can't step down or up the steps. I fell once but it didn't hurt me much. I still hope to be strong and able to work again. Since I haven't been able to work, I let my imagination build us all a little love nest up in Ark, where we used to live when we had plenty of everything, good schools and churches, we did not know how happy we were then but poppa lost his horses so we had to sell everything and come back to Texas and we had a hard time. Today is our anniversary we have been married 34 years and we were happy young people then. But today we are sad. There is only 9 people still living out of the 50 or 75 that were at our wedding. I am sending you a box of butter beans to plant. I don't want to loose one seed of them. Maybe I will get to plant a garden next year if is God's will for me to live.  
4-16-1931 Crockett, Tx. Dear children, I washed clothes this morning, got dinner, cleaned up, churned butter, cleaned up the milk things, then I washed my feet and doctored my corns, they hurt so bad. It will soon be night and I will have to sprinkle the clothes and get supper and milk. I have made only $5.25 since last Oct. cleaning houses and sewing. It seems hard that I have to work after I am old and worked down. And people don't consider the work a woman does at home to worth anything. I wish I could send you some money to help out but I can't. I sell 1 qt of sweet milk a day for 10 cents but use it for stamps and I give 5 cents to Sunday school once in a while. Honey when others do you wrong only think of them with a prayer so you won't sin  

1-21-1936 Norman, Ok. Last rites for Mrs. Zilla Zenora Van Bibber of Norman, Ok., were conducted at Trinty Baptist Church by Rev. Anson Justice. She was born into this world Jan .18, 1876 and left it on another cold Jan. day in 1936, 60 years later. She died after a brief illness with heart disease and was buried in I.O.O.F. cemetery.

James Albert9 VanBibber (Ezekial8, Soloman H.7, Jacob6, Peter5, Peter4, Isaac Jacobs3, Jacob Isaacs2, Isaac1) was born April 11, 1873 in MO, and died November 19, 1949 in OK. He married Zilla Zenora Warren, daughter of Joseph Warren and Sarah Hocott. She was born January 18, 1876 in KY, and died January 21, 1936\.  
Children of James VanBibber and Zilla Warren are:  

Grethel Cirfroney 10 VanBibber, born February 07, 1898 in English, TX; died April 12, 1967 in Norman, OK. She married Forrest Herron January 12, 1918 in Idabell, McCurtain Co., OK; born January 14, 1894 in TX; died February 1980.  

Earl L. VanBibber, born March 29, 1900 in English, TX; died January 12, 1985 in Norman, OK. He married (1) Billie May March 07, 1927 in TX. He married (2) Lucille McBee.  

Etta Amelia VanBibber, born February 24, 1902 in English, TX; died August 09, 1990 in Norman, OK. She married Edgar H. Herron March 06, 1920 in Idabell, McCurtain Co., OK; died August 29, 1986 in Norman, OK.
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