Profile of Ratliff Boone VanBibber

Profile of Ratliff Boone VanBibber


143rd. Regiment of Indiana Volunteers

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Civil War

<div>Son of Jonathan and Nancy Criswell VanBibber Husband of Rachel Marquis. Married, May 6, 1867 in Warrick Co. IN. Ratliff married a second time to Ida Ferguson on Sep. 15, 1891 in Pike Co. IN. Ratliff & Rachel's Son, Elza married Helen Luttrell who was the daughter of Ratliff's 2nd, Wife, Ida. Basically stepbrother and sister married each other. </div>
<div>Ratliff Boone Van Bibber, served in the 143rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War as follows: Volunteer Enlistment, February 1, 1865, at Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, for period of three years(muster records list one year enlistment), as a private: Ratliff B. Vanbibber, born Vanderburgh County, Indiana, 18 years old,  (He was actually 16) farmer. He was listed on Company Muster Rolls as present in Company I, 143 Regiment Indiana Infantry, from that date until he was listed as having deserted from Ft Donaldson on 9/13/65, along with a U.S. Springfield rifle and accoutrements valued at $23.32\. The Descriptive Roll identified him physically as gray eyes, light hair, fair complexion and 5 ft, 5 inches in height.</div>
<div>Ratliff died on Jan. 5, 1900 and is buried in James cemetery in Vanderburg Co. with no tombstone to mark his burial site. 

He was in the Evansville arear after the War and lived there until his death Jan. 3, 1900. He was quite well known around town as a character. He wore buckskins in the late 1800's which was not common apparel.

It was said that Ratliff was a man of personal courage. His last job was carrying large sacks of potatoes over his shoulder from the fields around Evansville. From this, he contracted cancer in his arm. As the cancer progressed, they performed several amputations, starting with his hand. When they amputated it, it was clenched and they buried it. Later he complained of pain in his hand and insisted that they dig it up and open the clenched fist, they did, and the pain stopped.</div>

James Cemetery
Vanderburgh County

Indiana, USA

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