Civil War Veteran Answers Last Call




Son of: Jacob VanBebber and Catherine Ann Guthrie
Spouse: Barthena A. VanBebber, Daughter of: James VanBebber and Elizbeth Yoakum

Ukiah Republican Press
Ukiah, California
Friday, November 17, 1911

Civil War Veteran Answers Last Call
Calvin Van Bebber died at his home in Hopland, November 14th, 1911. Born in Clayton county, Tennessee, January 1st, 1819, he was one of those sturdy pioneers who settled in Missouri when that region was inhabited only by savages. Mr. Van Bebber was one of the first to respond to the call for volunteers when the Mexican War broke out. Under Captain Bragg, afterward General Bragg of the Confederate army, he fought in all the engagements which General Taylor commanded. Mr. Van Bebber was present at the battle of Buena Vista and heard General
Taylor give the famous command which made the general president of the Untied States: "Give them a little more grape, Captain Bragg," When the Civil War came on Mr. Van Bebber was the first man of his neighborhood to espouse the cause of the stars and stripes. In two of the heaviest
battles in the department of the Mississippi he was the only surviving member of his squad, his command falling about him like acorns. Having to pass over a battle field after a battle he has
walked for hundreds of yards where he could step only on the dead bodies of his fallen foe.

After the Civil War he fought through three Indian wars. He was under General Custer, but chanced to be on detached duty when that famous general was massacred by the Sioux in June, 1876. He was discharged from the army that year and removed to Sacramento; from there he went to Humboldt bay; whence he came to Hopland 25 years ago.

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