Confederate Soldiers Grave

Confederate Soldiers Grave


Uriah R. Gillihan, from Jackson Co. TN.

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28th Confederate Infantry

<div>The Confederate Soldiers graves are located approx. 3 miles south of Chestnut Mound in the Tom Hollow off St. Mary's Hollow Rd. .............. Uriah R. Gillihan, from Jackson Co. TN. and T. W. Phillips from Overton Co. TN. had been members of the 28th Confederate Infantry and had fought in several major battles such as; Shiloh, Fishing Creek, & Stones's River. Both had either been wounded or sick and were furloughed from the Army. Gillihan and Phillips met in Putnam Co. in the Spring of 1865 while on the way home. Lee had surrendered in April but they were not aware of it. They attended a dance at Buffalo Valley and became involved in a dispute. Fearing for their lives they left Buffalo Valley and went to the home of Charles F. Burton, arriving about daylight. Mr. Burton, being a Southern Sympathizer fed the two boys and sent them to hide in a cabin in the Tom Hollow. They were discovered by the Home Guard who marched them around the area, then physically tormented them with bayonets. They were then tied to separate trees and shot by the Union men.................................. When the 2 bodies were discovered, Mr. Burton had them wrapped in blankets and buried. Mr. Burton had a rock wall built around the graves which he kept clean and decorated with flowers for the rest of his life. Descendants of the Burton Family and the Lewis Fletcher family who helped bury the bodies, still living in the Chestnut Mound area who are knowledgable about this event. In the 1970's Guy Boyd, Grandson of Lewis Fletcher was instrumental in getting stone markers placed at the graves. (See photos of the graves in our photo section)</div>
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