This page has been created to hold research details for the Morris family. My name is Theresa "Tracie" Strepek (nee Morris). Contact me at if you can offer additional detail. My goals for this page are specific. I am looking for information from 3 generations ago that has been lost. My aim is to fill in gaps as to who my great-grandmother was. I know little about her & my great-grandfather. His name was Hilo Morris. I have been told Hilo was a barge captain on the 'ole Mississippi. My grandmother was native American Indian. Her tribe has been said to be Blackfeet. I understand She and Hilo were not married, but he fathered 4? children with her & visited when he was 'up North' on his barge trips. I welcome any and all information that may lead me to the identity of grandmother(whose name is unknown) and any of Hilo's other family members. I understand Hilo was a married man. May my Indian tribe be identified & my great-grandmother's name be known.


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