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    YOAKUM, JAMES, brother to William and Matthias, was born in Virginia or Claiborn county, Tennessee, and came with his mother to Sangamon county. He married Julia Owens, and had eleven children in Menard county, Illinois. His sons--

    GEORGE and NELSON were soldiers in the Mexican war, and both lost their lives there in 1847.
    WILLIAM was married June 16, 1836, to Priscilla Batterton. See Batterton sketch. They have one son, WILLIAM F., who married May Adams, and lives near Salisbury, Illinois.
    JOHN lives in Menard county, Illinois.
    ISAAC lives in Iowa.
    James Yoakum died in Menard county, Illinois.
    SOURCE: Sangamon County ILGenWeb</div>

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    <div>George Yoakum Jr Born: 29 Jul 1783, VA Marr: 27 May 1809 Died: 31 Mar 1841 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN Buried: Methodist Cem, Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN Father: George Yoakum Mother: Martha Van Bibber WIFE: Mary Ann Maddy Born: 17 Apr 1792 Greenbrier Co, WVA Died: 27 Apr 1848 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN Buried: Methodist Cem, Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN Father: William Maddy Mother: Elizabeth Mann

    1 Name: Henderson King Yoakum
    M Born: 6 Sep 1810 Powell Valley, Claiborne Co, TN
    Marr: 13 Feb 1833 Monroe Co, TN To: Evaline Cannon
    Died: 30 Nov 1856 Houston, Harris Co, TX
    Grad: 1 Jul 1832 U S Military Acd, West Point
    Occ: Lawyer/Legislator

    2 Name: Mary Louise Yoakum
    F Born: 2 Aug 1812 Claiborne Co, TN
    Marr: To: Dr. Ben Bayless
    Died: 17 Sep 1854 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN

    3 Name: Washington C. Yoakum
    M Born: 6 Oct 1814 Claiborne Co, TN
    Marr: To: Mary Elizabeth Turnstill
    Marr: 20 Apr 1846 Athens, Clark Co, GA To: Sophia Conger
    Died: 29 Jan 1869 Fairmont, KS
    Buried Kelly's Cem, Fairmont, KS
    Occ: Building Contractor

    4 Name: Emily Ann Yoakum
    F Born: 12 Dec 1816 Claiborne Co, Tn.
    Marr: before 1832 To: Albert C. Price
    Marr: 28 Jul 1839 Philadelphia, Loudon Co, TN[11] To: Wesley Stephens
    Died: 20 Aug 1854 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN
    Buried: Madisonville Cem, Monroe Co, TN
    Census:1840 Monroe Co, TN
    Census:1850 Monroe Co, TN

    5 Name: Franklin L. Yoakum, Dr.
    M Born: 14 Nov 1819 Yoakum's Valley, TN
    Marr: circa 1840 To: Elizabeth Wright Henderson
    Marr: circa 1849 To: Narcissa Teague Key
    Died: 1891, TX
    Occ: Physican/Minister

    6 Name: Madison Yoakum
    M Born: 12 Jul 1822 Monroe Co, TN
    Marr: To: Mary Dillard Elkins
    Died: 1855

    7 Name: Celia Ann Yoakum
    F Born: 19 Nov 1824 Monroe Co, TN
    Marr: To: George M. Cuson
    Died: 24 Aug 1854 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN

    8 Name: Martha Aurelia Yoakum
    F Born: 9 Oct 1827 Monroe Co, TN
    Marr: To: Julius Wright
    Died: 19 Aug 1852

    9 Name: Mary Ann Yoakum
    F Born: 28 Jan 1830 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN
    Marr: 12 Oct 1852 , TN[15] To: Joseph W. Lemmons
    Died: 2 Aug 1857 , TX

    10 Name: Lavina Yoakum
    F Born: 17 Sep 1832 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN
    Died: 25 Sep 1833

    11 Name: Adeline Yoakum
    F Born: 30 Aug 1835 Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN
    Died: 19 Dec 1858


    YOCOM, JACOB, was born Dec. 17, 1787, in a fort or block-house in Bourbon county, near where the city of Lexington, Kentucky, now stands. Mary Booth was born Feb. 11, 1791, in the same county. They were there married Nov. 15, 1810, and went to Montgomery county, in the same State, where eleven of their children were born. They moved in 1827 to Marion county, Illinois, and from there to Sangamon county, in the same State, arriving Nov. 2, 1828, in what is now Williams township, one and a half miles east of Sherman, where three children were born. Of their children--

    WILLIAM, born Sept. 18, 1811, in Montgomery county, Kentucky, came to Sangamon county with his parents in 1828, and served three months as a soldier in a Sangamon county company in the Black Hawk war of 1831-32. He was married Dec. 17, 1834, in Sangamon county, Illinois, to Sarah J. Merriman. They had eleven children. GEORGE S. enlisted August, 1862, in Co. B, 130th Ill. Inf. for three years, was taken prisoner April 8, 1864, with General Banks, up Red river, and was thirteen months a prisoner at Camp Ford or Tyler, Texas. He was released at the close of the rebellion, and honorably discharged June 17, 1865. He married Nancy Wimmer. They have two children, MATILDA and MARY ELLEN, and live two miles south of Williamsville, Illinois. MARY A. married Perry Sapp, a native of Knox county, Ohio. They have one child, LYMAN, and live near Williamsville, Illinois. Mr. Sapp enlisted August, 1862, in Co. B, 130th Ill. Inf. He was at home on recruiting service when his regiment was captured, and thus escaped thirteen months of imprisonment. He was honorably discharged at New Orleans, August 22, 1865. JACOB enlisted August, 1862, in Co. B, 130th Ill. Inf., with his brother, George S., and experienced all that his brother did by imprisonment. See his name. Jacob Yocom married Susan Lanterman, and has three children, LULA, MARY A. and SUSAN G., and live two miles south of Williamsville, Illinois. SARAH married Jacob Y. Hussey. See his name. LYMAN M. died Jan. 19, 1863, in his nineteenth year. ELVIRA J. died March 9, 1863, in her fifteenth year. MADISON M., CORDELIA E., REBECCA C., WILLIAM F., and CHARLES E. reside with their parents. William Yocom resides two miles east of Sherman, Sangamon county, Illinois.

    SAMUEL, born Dec. 28, 1812, in Kentucky, was married in Sangamon county, Illinois, Feb. 15, 1838, to Ann Cooper, who was born July 18, 1818. They moved overland to Oregon in 1851, and returned by water in 1853. Of their seven children three died in childhood. ALIDA, born Sept. 6, 1840, married Clifton H. King. See his name. She died March 27, 1866. WILLIAM, born Nov. 13, 1843, enlisted August, 1862, in Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf., for three years, served full term and was honorably discharged August 15, 1865, at Camp Butler. He was married Sept. 22, 1869, to Mary Oliver, who was born April 10, 1850, in Ross county, Ohio. They have one child, JOHN W., and reside one and a half miles northwest of Dawson, Sangamon county, Illinois. REBECCA, born Feb. 6, 1846, married John Horn. See his name. THOMAS lives near Barclay, Illinois. Mrs. Ann Yocom died Nov. 21, 1858. Samuel Yocom was married October, 1861, to Mrs. Nancy Shepherd, whose maiden name was Langston. She died November, 1867. Samuel Yocom was married March 18, 1869, to Mrs. Jane Hillman, widow of Richard S. Hillman. Her maiden name was Williamson. They reside at Barclay, Sangamon county, Illinois.

    GEORGE W., born Feb. 18, 1814, in Kentucky, was married Jan. 22, 1835, to Margaret J. Cooper. They had fourteen children, one died in infancy. Of their thirteen children, JAMES E. died aged seventeen years. MARY A. married Henry F. Brown, a native of Putnam county, Indiana. They had four children. WILLIAM S. died in his fourth year. ALBERT W., JOHN H. and FRANKLIN CARROLL live with their parents, near Williamsville, Illinois. Mr. H. F. Brown enlisted on the first call for seventy-five thousand men, in 1861, in Co. H, 10th Ind. Inf., served three months, enlisted August 8, 1862, in Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf., for three years, served full time, and was honorably discharged August 15, 1865. AMANDA J. married William Brown. They had one child, ALICE. Mr. Brown enlisted August, 1862, in Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf., and died without leaving Camp Butler. His widow was married Oct. 8, 1874, to John Smith. EMELINE was married November, 1865, to Samuel D. Rodgers. See his name. JEFFERSON enlisted August 12, 1862, in Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf., for three years. He was detached and placed in Co. E, 1st Ill. Light Artillery, served fifteen months, returned to the 114th, served until August, 1865, when he was honorably discharged. He married Caroline Morton. They have one child, and live near Williamsville, Ill. ROBERT F. enlisted in the 2d Ill. Light Artillery, served one and a half years, and was honorably discharged. He married Nancy J. Smith. She died Sept. 15, 1875, leaving two children. He lives near Mt. Pleasant, Henry county, Iowa. JESSE V. married Marion Huston, a native of Scotland. They have two children, and live near Williamsville, Illinois. JOHN W. and POLLY L. live with their mother. NETTIE V. died Nov. 4, 1875. CLARA E. died Oct. 28, 1875, and MINNIE M. died Nov. 14, 1875. ELIZA R. died, aged eleven years. George W. Yocom died March 3, 1875, and his widow resides three miles south of Williamsville, Sangamon county, Illinois.

    JESSE, born June 19, 1815, in Kentucky, was married in Sangamon county, Illinois, to Minerva Cooper. He moved in 1847 to the Pacific coast. They have ten living children. JAMES A. married Elizabeth Murray, and has seven living children. ZACHARIAH married Ellen Benyfield, and has five children. CAROLINE married George Y. Davis, and has eight children. OLIVER married Ann Robison. MARY married Levi Zumwalt, and had four children. She and the youngest child died. NANCY married Lyman M. Noble. TOMPKINS is unmarried. MARTHA married Campbell Hendrix. KITTIE married John Dempsey. NETTIE V. lives with her parents. Jesse Yocom and wife reside near Lafayette, Yamhill county, Oregon.

    SARAH, born Oct. 17, 1816, in Montgomery county, Kentucky, married William S. Hussey. See his name.

    STEPHEN, born Nov. 16, 1817, in Kentucky, was married Dec. 28, 1843, in Sangamon county, to Martha A. Council. They have four living children. STEPHEN H., Jun., died, aged fourteen years. MARY S. is unmarried, and lives in Williamsville, Illinois. WILLIAM J. enlisted April 30, 1864, in Co. I, 133d Ill. Inf., for one hundred days, served more than one hundred and forty days, and was honorably discharged Sept. 24, 1864. He resides with his parents--1874. GEORGE W. C., was married July, 1873, to Laura Young, and lives near Chesnut, Logan county, Illinois. JESSE F., resides with his parents. Stephen Yocom and family reside four miles south of Williamsville, Sangamon county, Illinois.

    ABEL, born Jan. 2, 1819, in Kentucky, was married in Sangamon county to Jane Robinson. They had three children. JAMES W. enlisted Aug. 5, 1862, in Co. B, 130th Ill. Inf., for three years, served full time, and was honorably discharged August, 1865. He married Mary F. Madden. They have three children, EDGAR E. ERNEST L. and MINNIE F., and reside near Illiopolis, Illinois. SARAH A. married George A. Leigh. They have three children, HATTIE J., NETTIE L. and HARRY and reside corner Twelfth and Carpenter streets, Springfield, Illinois. JOHN H married Lottie Richmond, has two children, LILLIE and GILBERT F., and lives near Illiopolis, Illinois. Abel Yocom died March, 1874, and his widow resides near where Mr. Yocom's father settled in 1828 near Williamsville, Illinois.

    FRANKLIN, born July 30, 1820, in Montgomery county, Kentucky, was married in Sangamon county, Illinois, to Nancy J. Darnall. They had nine children. ALLYN, born Nov. 12, 1843, in Sangamon county, was married Nov. 29, 1865, to Evaline Lady. They have three children, and live near Sheridan, in Polk county, Oregon. EVALINE, born Jan. 24, 1845, in Sangamon county, was married Nov. 30, 1864, to James Brown. They have four children, and reside in Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon. MARILLA J., born April 2, 1846, in Sangamon county, was married May 7, 1868, to David A. Carter. They have four children, and live in Brownsville, Lane county, Oregon. ELIZA L., born Nov. 25, 1848, in Sangamon county, and lives near Salem, Oregon. REBECCA H., born March 2, 1851, was married Dec. 20, 1871, in Oregon, to John W. Minto. They have two children, and live in Salem, Oregon. MATILDA, born April 20, 1855. LONAH, born Nov. 8, 1856, in Oregon, was drowned in the Williamette river, March 19, 1873. RETTA L. and HARVEY. The last four were born in Polk county, Oregon, and the unmarried children reside with their parents in Salem, Marion county, Oregon.

    ELIJAH, born Oct. 26, 1821, in Montgomery county, Kentucky, was married Jan. 7, 1852, in Petersburg, Menard county, Illinois, to Caroline A. Higgins. They moved to McLean county, and from there to De Witt county, near Waynesville, Illinois. They have three living children, ALBERT L., ANNIE R. and ELIJAH LINCOLN. Elijah Yocom died Feb. 2, 1873, of spotted fever, and his widow and children resides on their farm near Waynesville, Dewitt county, Illinois.

    REBECCA, born March 11, 1826, in Kentucky, was married June 1, 1848, in Sangamon county, Illinois, to Clement Passwaters. They removed to McLean county, April, 1849, where seven children were born. Of their six living children, EMLIY J., born May 2, 1849, was married March 11, 1871, to Samuel Miller, has two children, and lives near Heyworth, Illinois. STEPHEN H., born Dec. 1, 1850, was married Feb. 8, 1873, to Sarah Lee, has two children, and live near Heyworth, Illinois. WILLIAM F., ENOCH D., JAMES C. and JOHN L. reside with their parents, near Heyworth, McLean county, Illinois.

    THOMAS J., born Nov. 2, 1828, in Sangamon county, emigrated to California in the spring of 1847, spent eleven months in the gold mines. He was married in Polk county, Oregon, in the spring of 1851, to Elizabeth Tharp. They had ten living children. MARGARET died aged about thirteen years. SARAH married John Thornton, and has two living children. MARY married Robert Griffith, and has one child. The other seven living children of T. J. Yocom reside with their parents near Bellevue, Yamhill county, Oregon.

    JAMES P., born April 11, 1830, in Sangamon county, Illinois. He left for Oregon overland in the spring of 1851, accompanied by his mother, two brothers and his brother-in-law, William S. Hussey, and arrived at their journey's end Oct. 4th, of the same year, and was within three days of being six months on the road. He settled on a donation land claim Oct. 8, 1851, in Yamhill county, Oregon. J. P. Yocom was married in the latter county June 18, 1857, to Emeline Hussey, who was born in Sangamon county, Illinois, Jan. 1, 1841. They had three children HENRIETTA, born Dec. 2, 1858, died Dec. 4, 1874. MIRANDA died in her seventh year. STEPHEN H., born Oct. 14, 1862, resides with his father. Mrs. Emeline Yocom died April 23, 1863, and James P. Yocom was married May 3, 1865 to Mrs. Martha E. Potts, whose maiden name was Beaman. She was born Sept. 11, 1836, in Pettis county, Missouri. They have six children, all born in Yamhill county, Oregon, ANNIE M., FRANKLIN B., VIRGINIA B., MARY, GRANT and MINNIE, who reside with their parents. J. P. Yocom left Oregon Oct. 29, 1875, with his family, going by the steamship Ajax to San Francisco, thence by railroad to Bloomington, Illinois, arriving Nov. 13, 1875, and now reside four miles northeast of Heyworth, McLean county, Illinois.

    HATHAWAY, born Oct. 31, 1831, in Sangamon county, Ill., emigrated overland to Oregon in the spring of 1850, was married there March 7, 1852, to Mary Tharp. They have six children. ELIZABETH P. married Linsday Delashmint, and has three children. CEMMONT, CAROLETTA, JOSEPH M., WILLIE and EDDY, and live with their parents in Bellevue, Yamhill county, Oregon.

    Jacob Yocom died March 8, 1848, in Sangamon county, Illinois, and Mrs. Mary Yocom died Dec. 23, 1864, in Lafayette, Yamhill county, Oregon. She was buried at Pleasant Hill Church, Polk county, Oregon.

    <div>George, born 1 May 1842, and his brother Benjamin, born 1840, sons of Wesley and Emily YOAKUM STEPHENS, of Monroe County, Tennessee, were orphaned in 1854 (the result of a cholera epidemic). George went to live with his uncle Dr. Franklin Yoakum in Limestone County, TX. In 1860 George was farming and living in the home of J. M. Sharrock of Cherokee County, TX.

    George enlisted in Confederate service on April 27, 1862 at 11th Texas Infantry Regiment, Reynolds Brigade, Walker's Division at Camp Lubbock (near Houston) as a private. He was elected 2nd Lieutenant and assumed command of Co. C. June 23, 1862 and on muster roll for January and February 1864 (last on file). Shown absent sick since February 1864. According to his two witnesses on his CSA Texas pension application of August 1921, George Taylor and W. M. Berryman, George fought with them on the 3rd day of November 1863 on the boggy bayou in Louisiana.

    George married a young widow 11 November 1864 Grayson County, Texas. Mary Catherine Sarver was born 1842 on the New River in Montgomery Co, VA. She was the widow of Pearis Olinger. George and Mary had three children, William (Bill), James and Martha "Mittie" Olivia.

    In the 1870 census with George Stephens was a store clerk in Whitesboro, Grayson County, TX. Mary Catherine died in 1874. George married C. Fannie Edsall (a widow with six children, two at home), and moved his store into Chickasaw Territory and established a post office first near Jimtown, later near Healdton.

    George sent his daughter to Catholic Schools in Grayson county. Not many girls in the 1880s had the opportunity for education to the eighth grade.

    George, his sons Bill and Jim, and son-in-law Rufus Cobb, were in the run opening the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country in April 1892. After they had made their homestead claims in Custer County, they went back to the Chickasaw Nation and prepared to move their families and belonging to Custer County. Three covered wagons made the trip in October 1892. It took two weeks to travel from Stephens Post Office to Arapaho, "G" county, Oklahoma Territory.

    George and Fannie Stephens built and owned the Orient Hotel in Arapaho, Oklahoma. The building was destroyed by lightning in 1902 and later rebuilt at Custer City.

    George was interested in health and healing. He published "The Magnetic Healer," copyright 1900, "Designed for Student and Teacher," promises "This little work if followed will not only save doctor's bills, but life. It is the straight path of life." The book divided "Magnetic Healing" into hypnotism, vital magnetism and mental science. The book covered subjects from Asthma, Appendicitis and Apoplexy to Vomiting, Water Brash and Yellow Jaundice in 61 pages. The introduction admonishes those who wished to follow this science to keep their selves unspotted from the world. The book embodied a trend of thought from which came the modern day Christian Scientists.

    George applied for a correspondence course in the InterState School of Osteopathy at 148 Washington Street, Chicago in 1902. He paid $10 for his home-study course. His study books were Gray's Anatomy, Kirk's physiology, Potter's Compendium Anatomy, Gould's Lexington.

    George was awarded the Masonic Third Degree at Custer City 24 September 1906. He retired to Confederate Soldiers's Home in Austin, Texas and died there 11 March 1927.

    <div>Yocum, Seth Hartman (1834-1895) — Seth H. Yocum was born in Catawissa, Columbia County, Pennsylvania on August 2, 1834\. He was educated in rural schools and then went to Philadelphia to learn the printing and editing trade. Yocum entered the class of 1860 at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Phi Kappa Pse fraternity and graduated with his class in the early summer of 1860\. He then returned to Philadelphia, where he was employed as an editor. In July 1861, in Philadelphia, Yocum enlisted in Company C, Fifth Pennsylvania Cavalry as a sergeant. He transferred to Company A as second lieutenant in February 1862 and to Company G as first lieutenant in November 1862\. Yocum mustered out in September 1864 at the end of his three-year enrollment and took up law studies. He was admitted to the Schuylkill County bar in Pottsville in 1865 and opened a practice. Yocum relocated to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania in 1874 to join the firm of Bush, Yocum, and Hastings to replace his brother George, who had just been killed in a hunting accident. He served as the district attorney of Centre County from 1875 until 1878, when he won election as a member of the Forty-sixth Congress for the Twentieth District. Yocum was one of twenty-one independent members elected that year. He stood as a member of the Grange-influenced Greenback-Labor Party and defeated fellow Dickinsonian and former governor, Andrew Gregg Curtin, to win the seat. Yocum declined to serve more than one term and moved to Johnson City, Tennessee, where he involved himself in the large tanning concern of his father-in-law. He also served as the mayor of Johnson City in 1885\. Soon after, Yocum moved his family to Pasadena, California and invested in the beginnings of the orange growing in the area. True to form, he served as mayor of Altadena while there. In January 1867, Yocum married Lucinda Horton of New York. The couple had five children who survived infancy. On April 19, 1895, Seth Hartman Yocum died at his home in Pasadena and was later buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in the city. He was sixty years old.
    Yochum, Thomas —  
    of Pennsylvania. Industrial candidate for Presidential Elector for Pennsylvania, 1916\. Burial location unknown.  

    Yocom, A. D. —
    also known as Danny Yocom — of Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky. Democrat. Member of Kentucky state senate 37th District; elected 1975, 1979. Still living as of 1979.

    Yocom, David E. —  
    of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Utah, 2000, 2004\. Still living as of 2004\.  

    Yocom, Leonard —
    also known as Len Yocom — of Arcata, Humboldt County, Calif. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from California, 1944. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery, Arcata, Calif.

    Yocum, William P. —  
    of Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa. Burgess of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, 1935-37\. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.  
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