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Boston, MA

Men are so used to telling women what they want, to make the situation worse, they are so plain that women are just so tired. Men will go this far and still get to say that women are hard to find. Frankly speaking, women are not hard to find. Women are just like job applications where you take your papers to an office and tell the boss of your work experience and what you intend to gain in the future. Make really sure to read great review of The System: The Tao of Badass Review: Does The Tao System Work? - ItsCharmingTime You do not start telling the boss of how much about you did not have super the previous night and that your mom is sick in the hospital meaning if you don’t the job she will die. That is lots of crap and you can bet this way you just bought a failure ticket.

The same case happens with women. There are so many things you don’t just tell the lady all because you need to get her attention. You can simply walk to the lady and have this simple confidence, say hi to her and start your conversation. This has been hard on lots of individuals which explain why Joshua Pellicer wrote The Tao of Badass. Simple tips such as be simply confident while talking to a lady is what you get. The book has turned to be a key to lots of successful relationships. This is how it starts; start a conversation with a lady basically about anything and you can go as far as complementing her which in most cases makes most women smile back at you.

If you are lucky as to get her to accept to spend some time with you, you know you have made it to the first level. This is where men make use of The Tao of Badass. You have to be confident as you talk to her, believe in yourself and focus more on what the lady is doing. Look at the way she is talking to you. Lots of men are pretty poor at reading a woman’s body language. The things a man says and does do not really matter to the woman.

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A lady at this moment is more focused on why she is there with you. She wants to know the one thing that got her to liking you enough to want to stay with you. This is now the chance for you to explore her body language. Looking at her lips movement as the talks will clearly show that she would not mind taking you to bed. You have a subconscious way of seducing the lady by just looking at her. Reading The Tao of Badass helps you know how to look at her body and tell if she really is into you. The books helps guys know where the lady has classified them which in most cases is dating zone than it is in the friends zone. Having this position means you have won the lady and guess what you already will have an assurance of having her.

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